Workforce Management

The Best of Both Worlds

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the move to a hybrid workforce.

By Simon Kent

The impact of the global pandemic across the APAC region has been as diverse as the countries that make up the region. According to Pierre Delage, business manager for the APAC region for Powell Software, the fragmentation of the region means that whist a “hybrid workforce” of diverse talent stationed in part at home and part in the office is emerging, it is doing so at different rates and in different ways across the region. But, he says, the trend is here to stay: “Whilst restrictions are now very limited, more and more organisations are still deciding to switch to a complete hybrid model where it is no longer compulsory to be in a physical office.”

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Flash Report: Low Confidence in 2021 Workforce Planning

The only change we collectively looked forward to in 2020 was that the year would eventually end. Now into the throws of 2021, the effects of unprecedented revenue and profit loss, furloughs and layoffs, and salary reductions still remain.

But amidst these concerns, company decision makers are expected to lead their team back to pre-pandemic profitability and performance levels.

Workforce planning always faces some amount of trepidation, but 2021 includes uncharted territory – so is it a surprise that confidence remains low?

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Remaining Resilient

A new survey of the Singapore workforce reveals key strategies to support employees in a time of crisis.

By Marta Chmielowicz

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced employers, leaders, and teams to rethink how they get work done. In the face of immense uncertainty, a new study published by EngageRocket in partnership with the Institute for HR Professionals (IHRP) and the Singapore HR Institute (SHRI), The Resilience of the Singapore Workforce, explores how leaders and employees in Singapore have responded to the challenges of 2020. The results paint a remarkable picture of resilience and adaptability amongst Singapore workers, uncovering strategies organisations can leverage to remain an employer of choice in the emerging reality.

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Remote Ready?

A new study reveals the impact and future of remote work.

By The Editors

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the majority of organisations to quickly pivot from office settings to a fully remote work environment. To understand the impact, Dell Technologies surveyed more than 7,000 working professionals in the Asia Pacific and Japan region for its Remote Work Readiness Index.

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Digital Connectivity

CHRO Cindy Fiedelman shares how she navigates the safety of both essential and remote workers during the global pandemic while overseeing an acquisition.

By Debbie Bolla

The COVID-19 pandemic posed many challenges for nearly all business leaders, but add on a European acquisition conducted mainly virtually and you’ll start to feel the weight on Cindy Fiedelman’s shoulders. The CHRO of Digital Realty, a leading global provider of data center solutions, rose to the occasion, ensuring the safety of her essential and remote workers; ushering in a new workforce that doubled the size of the business; and aiding in corporate strategy. In fact, she says, “This couldn’t have been a better year to be an HR leader.”

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Making Work Work for Women

Facing unique circumstances, employers are offering additional support to retain female employees.

By Marta Chmielowicz

The events of 2020 have been challenging for most, with lockdowns, school closures, and the switch to remote blurring the boundaries between work and home like never before. Women in particular have been impacted, often responsible for shouldering a large share of childcare, household labor, and homeschooling on top of a full day of work.

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A New Era of HR

Three ways to drive lasting change in the ever-changing business climate.

By Rebecca Sinclair

From the COVID-19 pandemic to social unrest and the presidential election, the workforce has experienced more disruption and distraction in the last six months than ever before. 2020 has ushered in a new era for human resources with much of the workforce now remote and businesses seeking new ways to boost productivity and maintain company culture.

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Top Concerns of CHROs

Six HR leaders share solutions to the issues keeping HR up at night: the impact of COVID-19, workforce planning, business agility, and the skills gap.

By Marta Chmielowicz

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year and HR leaders have found themselves at the frontlines, leading the charge into a new and uncertain reality. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, shelter in place orders, and social unrest of the past months, HR leaders have maintained a sense of normalcy while adapting to the changing needs of their businesses and the workplace at large. Now, they must develop a plan to face the unknown obstacles that lie ahead.

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Values Know No Boundaries

Work today transcends boundaries and company culture must follow it.

By Donna Kimmel

COVID-19 has turned the world of work upside down and is shaking it like a snow globe. Work is no longer a place employees go, but something that happens everywhere and knows no boundaries. In this moment of transformation, what has become of corporate culture?

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New Workplace Realities

Heading into the recovery phase, organizations should consider putting these five measures in place.

By Billie Hartless

The last six months have offered a petri dish experiment for both personal and professional ways of adjusting to extreme change. The abrupt transition to remote wasn’t easy for every employee or organization to make. Even now, the current business operating environment remains challenging. Some lessons are emerging, however, which offer guideposts that HR can look to when developing long-term plans for the new workplace realities. Here are five best practices that have emerged after navigating the pandemic crisis.

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