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  • Better Together

    Embracing a culture of transparency empowers both employees and organizations alike. Here, five CHROs share their best practices.

    By Marta Chmielowicz

    Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship, offering a bedrock of security and loyalty that weathers thick and thin. This extends to employer-employee relationships, but to get it right, organizations need to embrace truth, transparency, and vulnerability. Only then can connections between employees and managers strengthen, empowering people and businesses to work better together.

  • 2021 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Talent Management Technology

    View the top-rated talent management technology providers in the industry.

    By The Editors

    In 2019, employees and job seekers alike expect a tech-enabled workplace. See our list of the top talent management technology providers in the marketplace today and position yourself for growth and success.

  • Recognition Roundtable

    Four CEOs share their vision for the future of employee rewards and recognition.

    By Elliot Clark

    The value of recognition is already being seen in the HR community, with executive leadership teams of many global companies increasing spend on rewards and recognition even as their budgets are reduced. What is the future of this important part of the employee experience? I asked four CEOs what changes they predict and what they envision for the future of their industry.

  • Stacking Up

    Building an integrated total workforce solutions tech stack delivers a solid foundation for a modern hiring process.

    By Marta Chmielowicz

    As the unpredictability of COVID-19 continues to test organizations’ ability to adapt to change, many employers are turning to contingent labor to fill their talent needs. But while a more varied workforce mix offers greater flexibility and agility, the influx of contingent workers has exposed blind spots in companies’ talent acquisition strategies.

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HRO Today Global Current Issue

  • A New Chapter

    The finalisation of Brexit is creating compliance challenges for U.K.-based companies that rely on international talent.

    By Simon Kent

    In the closing days of 2020, the U.K. and EU finalised the deal that would see Brexit achieved. Now that the agreement is in place, however, questions still remain as to how international talent can be managed. 

  • Learning from Hardship

    Companies share how they are adapting to the continued challenges of COVID-19.

    By Simon Kent

    A few weeks before the turn of the year, there was a sense of optimism in the air. Vaccines were coming, the battle against COVID-19 appeared to be being won, and everyone was saying good riddance to the end of an awful year in the hope of a more positive 2021.

  • Restructuring Hiring

    In an uncertain world, recruiters are shifting gears to focus on short-term hiring. By Simon Kent From video interviews to remote onboarding, the pandemic has irrecoverably changed the face of recruitment. As offices have closed and social distancing becomes the norm, new techniques and technologies have been deployed and relied upon by recruiters to find, onboard, and retain the talent their […]

  • Editor’s Note: Better Days Ahead

    By Simon Kent

    You could be forgiven for not being overly enthusiastic about 2021, yet there is cause for optimism and renewed energy. The global pandemic may continue, offering variations not just in terms of the virus itself but also in how and to what extent it can impact our world. Nevertheless, this year will see changes for the better, even if there are still tough times ahead.

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HRO Today Research & Best Practices

  • HR New Technology Report – Fourth Quarter 2020

    Despite lasting effects on the global economy at the conclusion of last year, HR new technology announcements and investments continued to be made in rapid succession. An impressive 127 announcements were made in Q4 of 2020 alone – with learning and upskilling products at the forefront of HR technology this quarter. Technology announcements that addressed mobility […]

  • Flash Report: HR Recruiting Technology, Greater Efficiencies Through Consolidation

    Organizations have turned to HR technology for further efficiency and productivity gains, despite lasting impacts from the pandemic. In spite of the plethora of new products offered, integrations of multiple platforms are a continuing challenge and efficient use of the systems is far from optimized. To test efficiency, HRO Today examined the shelf life of […]

  • Flash Report: Low Confidence in 2021 Workforce Planning

    The only change we collectively looked forward to in 2020 was that the year would eventually end. Now into the throws of 2021, the effects of unprecedented revenue and profit loss, furloughs and layoffs, and salary reductions still remain. But amidst these concerns, company decision makers are expected to lead their team back to pre-pandemic […]

  • Worker Confidence Index: Fourth Quarter 2020

    2020 was a rollercoaster of a year, defined by a global pandemic that set the economy into a tailspin and plagued workers and employers alike. The year started that way, but then unemployment spiked before somewhat falling back, though still higher than pre-pandemic levels. As such, worker confidence reflected the many ups and downs we […]

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HRO Today Livestreams

  • Livestream: Navigating Legalized Marijuana

    Livestream Date & Time: 5/20/2020 12:00PM EST One of the most confusing social and HR issues of our time, the medical and recreational use of marijuana, has companies struggling to adopt policies that abide by federal, state, and municipal laws that are often contradictory. Brandon Phillips, CEO of Global HR Research, one of the leading […]

  • TLC Livestream: Hiring and Retaining Workers through Generations

    In Broadleaf’s “Hiring and Retaining Workers through the Generations” presentation, Carl addresses concerns employers have about Millennials and Gen Z’ers entering the workforce. Many look at these emerging generations as wildly different, but we all have very similar underlying motivations. In this attention economy, it’s increasingly hard to attract and retain talent, but these universal […]

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HRO Today White Papers

  • How GDPR is Changing the Way Organizations Reward and Recognize Employees

    Is sending out a “Happy Birthday” message a privacy violation in the workplace because of new data privacy laws? Read more to find out… When we think of data privacy, we are often concerned with our personal information being sold to third-parties or being used in a less-than scrupulous way that could have a negative […]

  • Global HR Research: Cannabis Legalization Whitepaper

    While marijuana is illegal under federal law, many states have followed cultural shifts and recent legislation by legalizing it for medicinal use, recreational use, or both. This has left employer drug tests harder to administer than before in these states. Yet even in some states where it is legal, the law can compel certain types of […]

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