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  • Looking Forward

    For companies seeking a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace, data can reveal a clear path to success.

    By Marta Chmielowicz

    When an organization came to Korn Ferry with the goal of improving the diversity of its upper-level leadership team, a root analysis was in order. By leveraging workforce data to understand the underlying causes of racial inequity in their workplace, the client was able to gain insight into a powerful lever of inclusion and develop strategies to create lasting change. Other companies struggling to create safer and more inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplaces have a valuable lesson to learn from this approach: data can reveal a clear path forward.

  • 2021 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: MSP (Contingent Labor Resourcing and Management)

    View this year’s top-ranked MSP providers based on customer satisfaction surveys.

    By The Editors

    The gig economy is on the rise, and organizations have to be prepared to hire and manage contingent workers effectively. An outsourced MSP solution could be the key to success.

  • Evolving Employer Branding

    Employers need to redefine their EVP and employer brand to respond to the transforming world of work.

    By Marta Chmielowicz

    As COVID-19 restrictions lift and the U.S. economy begins to recover, employees are seeking out new job opportunities in droves. In fact, Achievers’ 2021 Engagement and Retention Report shows that 52% of employees plan to look for a new job—up from 35% in 2020. To remain competitive and attract top talent in this environment, organizations need to revamp their employee value proposition (EVP) and brand strategy to meet the needs of today’s evolved workforce.

  • Generation Next

    Strategies to develop a holistic workforce strategy to attract younger talent and contingent workers.

    By Vish Baliga

    The pandemic has challenged companies to rethink their workforce strategies in profound ways, particularly with respect to remote work and gig opportunities. Much of the U.S. has become a work-from-home economy, with over 42% of the workforce now working from home or a remote location full-time. Many of the concerns associated with working from home have been addressed with the aid of new technologies and work practices. In fact, the pandemic-induced remote work environment has provided ideal conditions to validate the benefits of remote work for organizations, workers, and society at large.

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HRO Today Global Current Issue

  • The Leadership Equation

    Identifying employee potential, creating career paths, and developing hard and soft skills all add up to future success.

    By Simon Kent

    Identifying and developing leadership talent is a particular challenge for HR. From succession planning and development to external talent acquisition, HR leaders need to ensure there are practices to identify and place talent that will help the business thrive. Even in the face of the pandemic, forward-thinking organisations have prioritised their leadership programmes, ensuring their businesses have a strong direction despite stormy waters.

  • Keeping Compliant

    Remote and hybrid workforce models add another layer of risk and complexity.

    By Simon Kent

    The challenge of delivering compliance across a remote and now increasingly hybrid workforce is summed up by Robert Hicks, group HR director at Reward Gateway: “The easiest way to think about it is if you have 100 staff, you have 100 locations, and you need to make sure each one is managed as you would just one location,” he says.

  • Maintaining Momentum

    Many factors have actually increased employee engagement over the last year. Now, the challenge is to keep it on the rise.

    By Simon Kent

    For some businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic heightened the emphasis on employee engagement, resulting in improvements to worker attitudes and productivity. But a survey by Targus found that despite everything, 40% of office workers across Europe haven’t discussed new work arrangements with their bosses. Without those conversations, the risk of disengagement at this point in the pandemic cycle is very real.

  • Editor’s Note: Learning Curve

    By Simon Kent

    HR could be forgiven for breathing a sigh of relief this year. Whilst it is by no means over, the immediacy and severity of the pandemic seems to be declining in many regions—and companies around the world are emerging, blinking in the light of economic upturn after months of lockdown and decline. And yet, for those in charge of employees across the business world, this is no time to rest on laurels.

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HRO Today Research & Best Practices

  • Recruiting in the Dark: Research Outcomes and Effectiveness of Resume Redaction in Recruiting

    A renewed spotlight on systemic racism in 2020 emphasized the importance of Diversity & Inclusion more than ever before. Transcending into the workplace, organizations were enlightened to increase equity and eliminate biases in all areas of their business, starting with hiring and practices like resume redaction. Resume redaction, also known as blind recruitment, is the […]

  • Diversity & Inclusion Workforce Sourcing: 8 Key Takeaways for Improving D&I

    With an increased focus across the country on diversity and inclusion, U.S. organizations are spending upwards of eight billion dollars annually on accompanying initiatives. However, tangible results have been difficult to deliver… Companies are still struggling to achieve equity and further a D&I agenda for their total workforce. New market-driven insights are needed to address […]

  • Global Labor Market Report – 1Q 2021

    The start of the year, despite lasting negative effects from the global pandemic, saw the beginnings of a positive economic change after a difficult 2020. In the first quarter alone, 21 of 49 countries analyzed revealed the first decrease in national unemployment rates in a few quarters – a welcome sign of improvements to come. […]

  • Worker Confidence Index: First Quarter 2021

    While 2020 has ended, the COVID-19 pandemic that defined it remained through the first quarter of 2021. But even with lasting effects from a turbulent year, the US economy continues to improve gradually. First quarter in the US saw both the unemployment rate and people out of work falling to 6 percent and 11.4 million, […]

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HRO Today Livestreams

  • Livestream: Navigating Legalized Marijuana

    Livestream Date & Time: 5/20/2020 12:00PM EST One of the most confusing social and HR issues of our time, the medical and recreational use of marijuana, has companies struggling to adopt policies that abide by federal, state, and municipal laws that are often contradictory. Brandon Phillips, CEO of Global HR Research, one of the leading […]

  • TLC Livestream: Hiring and Retaining Workers through Generations

    In Broadleaf’s “Hiring and Retaining Workers through the Generations” presentation, Carl addresses concerns employers have about Millennials and Gen Z’ers entering the workforce. Many look at these emerging generations as wildly different, but we all have very similar underlying motivations. In this attention economy, it’s increasingly hard to attract and retain talent, but these universal […]

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HRO Today White Papers

  • How GDPR is Changing the Way Organizations Reward and Recognize Employees

    Is sending out a “Happy Birthday” message a privacy violation in the workplace because of new data privacy laws? Read more to find out… When we think of data privacy, we are often concerned with our personal information being sold to third-parties or being used in a less-than scrupulous way that could have a negative […]

  • Global HR Research: Cannabis Legalization Whitepaper

    While marijuana is illegal under federal law, many states have followed cultural shifts and recent legislation by legalizing it for medicinal use, recreational use, or both. This has left employer drug tests harder to administer than before in these states. Yet even in some states where it is legal, the law can compel certain types of […]

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