HR100: The Top Teams in HR

HRO Today has annually ranked HR service providers through Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings™  for nearly two decades. Its research revealed that while there are many rankings of various aspects of HR, there isn’t one definitive source of which companies are the best for human resources. Enter HRO Today’s HR100.  

The HRO Today research team reviewed nearly 1,000 companies to come up with the top 100 HR departments. HRO Today’s HR100 scores and ranks HR departments in eight core areas: workplace culture, employee benefits, diversity and inclusion, employee development and talent management, human resources innovation, leadership development, talent acquisition, and employer brand. Performance in these core categories is aggregated, forming an index that provides a reasonable score for overall HR excellence. 

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To create the ranking, the HRO Today research team collected available public data from nearly 40 established benchmarking and ranking programs in the identified categories. This allows us to generate a score based equally on depth and breadth of outside recognition and internal recognition. The data is then aggregated and weighted to create the final score, producing the index used in the ranking.  

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