Peer Factor
By Debbie Bolla
Executive Editor
Who taught you to ride a bike? Shoot hoops? Bake the world’s best chocolate chip cookies? Notice my questions are around who—not what. I personally don’t think there is a better way to learn than from our peers. Sure, we can develop a new skill or conquer a task by reading materials and instructions, but how much is that experience elevated if someone shows us how?
In our cover feature Piloting Success, Cindy Fiedelman shares her incredible story leading HR through the major merger of American Airlines and US Airways. The vice president of people and diversity joined the airline just as the ink was drying on the contract, and has been cruising since. Being at the helm of “everything except compensation and benefits” is no easy task. But this HR vet knows how to prioritize: culture comes first, employee engagement next, and operational improvements round it out. Learn her holistic view of HR and how she navigates the bumps of a global merger on page 8.
And for even more insider insight, Fiedelman will be speaking at the HRO Today Forum, May 5 – 7, in Philadelphia. Other topics on the agenda: talent management, technology, healthcare staffing, workforce planning, social media, and more. In What’s On Your Mind? (page 12), get a sneak peek of the hot topics that will be tackled, and key takeaways of each. Once again, peers will be presenting and sharing their personal stories. What better way to learn how to drive your HR business forward?
In Moving Up (page 16), I took the opportunity to explore my forecasted trend of 2014—the candidate experience—through the eyes of relocation. Mobility is now a talent grabber: 49 percent of organizations name the need for quality workers as a driver for relocation, reports Atlas Van’s 2013 Corporate Relocation Survey. But moving is also cited as one of the most stressful life experiences. Here is where corporate relocation is stepping in to elevate the candidate experience by arming employees with tailored knowledge for better, more-informed decisions before the move is made. Having a blueprint of authorized benefits, potential costs, available housing, school ratings, and the job market go a long way in easing employees’ minds. And reimbursement incentives don’t hurt, either! We also reveal the top relocation providers, rated by customer satisfaction surveys, in our annual Baker’s Dozen rankings on page 20.
And if the impending impact of the Affordable Care Act is keeping you up at night, this issue offers a few opportunities to learn from your peers. Researchers from Mercer show nearly two-thirds of all large employers have plans to offer a consumer- driven healthcare program within three years to help maintain costs (Rising Tide of Responsibility, page 56). See how to encourage your workforce to embrace this new way of managing their health in Equip and Empower Employees (page 39). Or perhaps you want to consider self-insurance as a way to avoid the costly impacts of healthcare reform (A New Benefits Paradigm, page 42). Plus we share how managed services programs can lend a hand in navigating the forthcoming changes impacting contingent labor in ACA Ready? on page 44.
We’re hopeful you’ll find a lot of “who” help in this—and every—issue.

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