HRO Today’s Talent Acquisition Team and Leader of the Year Award

In today’s tight talent market, it comes as no surprise that organizations are innovating in their talent acquisition departments with the hopes of seeing positive change. Gone are the days of job applicants working to gain the attention of potential employers. Instead, that focus has shifted onto organizations themselves as HR and talent acquisition leaders drive initiatives to stand out among the crowd in a competitive job market.

HRO Today‘s Talent Acquisition of the Year Awards recognize these leaders for their innovation and excellence in talent acquisition, including work within areas such as employer branding, technology, learning development, and employee engagement. Categories include individual leader and team awards.

North America

The 2023 award winners were announced at the 2023 HRO Today Talent Acquisition and Technologies Showcase Summit in Houston, TX.

The 2024 Talent Acquisition Leadership of the Year Awards will be held at the Talent Acquisition Strategies & Technology Showcase on October 28-29. Categories are available in individual leadership and team awards.

Nominations for the 2024 edition of the Talent Acquisition Awards are now open.


The 2023 award recipients were announced at the HRO Today Forum EMEA in Barcelona Spain.

Categories are available in individual leadership and team awards.

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