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Flexibility Essential to Irish Job Seekers

Research from The Stepstone Group finds that nearly half of Irish workers would refuse a job offer that did not include any hybrid or remote working options.

By Maggie Mancini

Nearly half (47%) of job seekers in Ireland would refuse a job offer without a hybrid or remote working option, compared to the global average of 29%. Research from the Stepstone Group, the parent company of IrishJobs, further finds that 61% of job seekers would turn out an otherwise attractive job from an employer if they received a negative impression during an interview.  

For Irish workers, corporate, environmental, social, and governance policy is particularly important, with one in five saying they would refuse a job offer from an employer that did not have sustainability initiatives in place. Additionally, 30% of job seekers would not accept a job offer from an employer without mental health or well-being benefit offerings.  

Work-life balance is the top job preference among Irish professionals, unchanged since 2021. Financial compensation, job security, and the amount of paid time off and holidays offered are also important, the study finds.  

The research also reveals that when it comes to balance of power in employment markets, almost half (48%) of job seekers believe they have at least some degree of choice in salary offers and can negotiate with employers.  

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