A survey reveals that the majority working Americans are not in the career that they had planned.
Although 90 percent of working adults report having career plans when they were younger, only 14 percent are currently in their dream careers. A recent survey by the University of Phoenix reveals that more than half of working adults are interested in changing their current careers. This holds true not only for those who had just started working, but also for those in their 40s and 50s, some of whom are those in C-level suites.
The statistics show that the most desired careers are in:
• Arts and sciences (17 percent)
• Business management (16 percent)
• Technology (14 percent)
• Healthcare (12 percent)
• Education/psychology/social sciences (11 percent)
The survey also reports a number of interesting trends:
• Location can also have a considerable effect on the interests of changing careers. Workers in San Francisco are much less likely to be interested in a job change than workers in New York.
• Those who work in midsize corporations are more likely to be interested in a job change than those working in small and large corporations.
• Those with college degrees are more likely to have followed their anticipated career path.
However, 95 percent of those who were interested in changing careers have identified the following barriers that prevent them from doing so:
• Lack of financial security
• Uncertainty about what other career to change to
• Lack of adequate education or experience
• Too advanced in age or in their current position

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