CEO’s Letter: Announcement from SharedXpertise

I would like to take moment to announce the departure of Faye Holland, our Managing Director for the EMEA and APAC regions and the Global Executive Director of the HRO Today Services and Technology Association (formerly HROA). Faye has been with SharedXpertise for more than five years and made a great contribution to our organization and to the larger HR community through her dedication and commitment. Her desire to achieve some other goals in her personal and professional career is understandable and we wish her best of luck in her future endeavors. She will be leaving on July 1 and will, in the interim, transition her association responsibilities to Zachary Misko, the new Global Executive Director of the Association and Vice President here at SharedXpertise.
Zachary Misko is well known to this community and the readers of this magazine. He is formerly Vice President, Workforce Strategy, at KellyOCG with more than 10 years on the HR provider side of the business. Prior to that, Zach had a 10-plus- year tenure as an HR practitioner with companies like Lands’ End and Promega. He has served on the Association
North American and Global Boards. He is a published author with a host of industry accolades and awards to his credit. SharedXpertise is thrilled that Zach has chosen the next phase of his career with us and we hope you all will join in welcoming him to the HRO Today and SharedXpertise organization.
MSP – It’s the Service

The results of HRO Today’s MSP Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction surveys are in. We see a clear trend in the data. First, the programs of almost all of the providers are expanding. Are we moving ever closer to the aspiration of achieving the total workforce solution?
We think so. Providers are rapidly trying to expand MSP into a more strategic platform versus its earlier iterations as a primarily financial, tactical, and operational offering. However, there remains the pressing need to recognize that hiring is, in fact, hiring—and the permanent or contingent status of an employee is, in fact, a status. We have allowed a historical distinction that has some limited legal and financial differences to drive the constructs of HR. It is sometimes just as hard if not harder to identify the right long-term contingent worker as it may be to get a permanent worker.
We also see the power of service cultures in this year’s MSP Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction survey. Atop this year’s ranking companies like Bartech, Yoh, and Guidant Group have performed very well in the survey. Please bear in mind that this is a survey that favors complexity and size. However, the quality of service score is the most heavily weighted of the dimensions in the overall index. It is, therefore, surprising that companies that are smaller in scale than some of the global behemoths and brands have been able to generate service scores that overwhelmed the size and breadth advantage of the larger firms.
We can only speculate as to whether this is part of an ongoing trend and the reasons for it. But, if we were going to speculate, I think there are a few obvious reasons. First, smaller companies are more agile than their larger competitors. They can add services to their platforms more quickly and more easily and do so with more success than the start-up pain that large companies have with new aspects of their businesses. It is easier to turn a fishing boat than an aircraft carrier. Secondly, specialization is a key. Many of the providers with smaller deal size are intimately familiar with a few industries. The larger deals span across several different industries and to compete for global deals requires being the jack of many trades versus a few. And, finally, the ability to drive culture and service orientation is easier with a few hundred or thousand employees than it is with tens of thousands. I expect that the market will continue to become more competitive and the larger players will quickly adapt, making this a very interesting community to watch.
Elliot H. Clark, CEO

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