The staff of HRO Today enjoys the annual rite of compiling our Superstars list. It is, of course, inherently fulfilling to heap praise on those who deserve it—particularly in the wake of such an economically challenging (sometimes terrifying) year. But it goes beyond that.
Assessing the industry giants reminds us who was most instrumental in helping to make outsourcing a more efficient and useful tool for HR organizations, in particular, and the economy at large. Whether they are implementing HRO in a new fashion, applying it via an innovative approach, delivering excellent service, or helping to dispel myths and hype around outsourcing, our 2010 Superstars have distinguished themselves through their contributions and practices.
Regular readers of HRO Today will recognize many of the names lionized here. They make news throughout the year, for one thing. For another, many help lead the industry through major trade events, such as our hugely successful RPO Summit held in Las Vegas during December, the HRO World Summit Europe (which in November attracted an unprecedented percentage of senior-level buyers), and the HRO Summit in Tampa (which in October brought providers together with the highest absolute number of buyers ever.)
But with so many contributors, how do we choose the 2010 Superstars? The criteria are different for each of the three categories:
To be a Practitioner Superstar, he or she must demonstrate a vision for building the most effective HR services. HRO used to be a gamble, and many past pioneering organizations helped to bring outsourcing into the mainstream. They’ve become more sophisticated about deal scopes, more definitive about service level agreements, and more attentive to development of  their governance models.
Click here to view our Practitioner Superstars.
Provider Superstars get the nod for the innovations they bring to the marketplace. Sometimes they’re prodded by clients; other times, they’re thinking beyond the paradigm to offer solutions that are more cost-effective, offer up a higher quality of service, and help get their clients a seat at the table. Often, they serve as consultants and help buyers tweak policy that helps not only the business, but also themselves.
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Advisor Superstars help the industry develop its engagements more efficiently and sustainably. They identify the most appropriate outsourced solution and vendors for each clients, help remediate problems that occur, and develop standards and guidelines that make implementation less painful.
Cick here to view our Advisor Superstars. 
We want to congratulate all of the Superstars this year and acknowledge their role in bettering the industry. We also want to thank all the participants who took part in this year’s nomination process, in which we received dozens of nominees

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