The Fifth annual largest and most authoritative listing of HR service providers.

by HROT Staff

In today’s HRO market, there are lots of vendors to choose from, and the HRO Today 2007 Resource Guide is solid proof of this. With more than 1,000 providers serving 18 categories, HR professionals have a variety of solutions that meet their functional, cost, and geographical needs. The selection process can be overwhelming indeed.

As a buyer, you’re faced with an already arduous task of implementing an outsourcing strategy. Tracking down the appropriate service provider shouldn’t be an added burden. To help our readers more easily sort through the marketplace, we’ve listed the vendors by the categories in which they serve. We also list the other services offered by that vendor—helpful at a time when many buyers are looking for bundled solutions.

The print version of the resource guide is meant to serve as a desk or shelf reference so readers can easily access provider information. Our online version is also available for free and offers expanded information about the companies listed here, including addresses and phone numbers. We encourage you to visit the page at HRO Today Resource Guide. Service providers omitted from this year’s guide as well as those whose company information has changed since the issue was published are also welcomed to visit the site to add or update company listings. One other note: listings with logos are for companies advertising in this issue.

We hope the Resource Guide becomes a regular reference for you throughout the year. We encourage you to let us know how we can make our annual Resource Guide even more useful, so feel free to contact HRO Today at (973) 439-0060.

HRO Today 2007 Resource Guide

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