CEO’s Letter: Another Mystery Solved

At HRO Today, we are awash in research data. We receive data from our HRO Today Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction surveys, our own sponsored or unsponsored research, and the research we publish for others. And, yet, one simple mystery eluded us for years. The question at hand is why have we historically seen—until last year—smaller […]

HROT STA Global Executive Director’s Letter: Another Successful Year

Over the last year, while working with our Board of Advisors and members, the SharedXpertise team has accomplished a lot and had much to celebrate. I am inspired by the opportunity to engage, work with, and know the outstanding group of practitioners, providers, thought leaders, analysts, and industry experts that make up our association membership. […]

The Other Side of the Street

Why switching from provider to practitioner—or vice-versa—can benefit all concerned.     By Lisa Maxwell     2010 has ushered in more than a new decade. For the HRO industry, a trend in career shifts involving “swaps” of executives moving between providers and buyers has enhanced both sides. As companies have downsized and reorganized, movement […]

Your Talent Management Systems, Are They Talking to Each Other?

 Selecting a talent management technology that integrates with your HRIS may not guarantee you will achieve the integration you had hoped for.   By Erica Bank   As the options for talent management technology point solutions continue to expand, a growing number of companies are choosing these tools to support their HR strategy. In the […]

Pondering a Career Move to The Other Side of HRO

For professionals working in the buyer and provider sides, shifting gears may offer new opportunities.   by Lisa Maxwell   More than a few HR professionals have expressed an interest in making a career shift from corporate HR to HRO provider. Likewise, employees in HRO entertain working on the buyer side. As firms rethink their […]

In God We Trust; All Others Bring Data

Warts and all, HRO produces results for practitioners, new study concludes. An optimal amount of transformational work is required, data reveals. by Andy Teng If Robert Duvall had been an HR executive rather than a noted actor, he might have uttered this famous line instead: “I love the smell of data in the morning.” References […]

Managed Services: The “Other” Talent Outsourcing Model

After a decade in the market, managed talent services may finally be ready for prime time. A more robust offering will surely get employers more excited. by Brett Gerard Permanent placement hiring volumes have dramatically increased during the past several years: More than 8,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every day, causing a serious shortage in […]

Convergys Wins another Billion-dollar HRO Deal by Signing J&J

Cincinnati-based Convergys has won another billion-dollar HRO contract by signing healthcare product giant Johnson & Johnson of New Brunswick, NJ. This follows Convergys’ previous billion-dollar-plus deal with DuPont signed in 2005.    The J&J deal, which had been highly anticipated for months, will span 10 years and cover a broad scope of HR services. Additional terms […]

Another Exciting Year for the HRO Industry in 2005

In the new year, watch for a new supplier, growth in multi-tower deals, and hints of trouble after the honeymoon. by Michel Janssen As 2005 draws to a close, we can certainly look back at some tremendous activity in this space. No doubt the concept of HRO is a major discussion point for HR executives […]

Darn, Another HR Acronym: CWO

The growth in the contingent portion of your workforce has spawned its own breed of provider, Contingent Workforce Outsourcing, or CWO. by Jay Whitehead Among the more startling developments at 2005s NY HR Week/HRO World Conferenceother than the huge 3,700-person crowdwas the advent of a new species of provider. This new life form calls itself […]