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Greater Expectations in Talent Acquisition – What Do Mid-Market Companies Expect from a TA Partner?

Middle-market companies are competing for the same talent as Enterprise-level organizations. However, most companies of this size have smaller hiring teams that are reactive and struggling to proactively set talent strategy and infrastructure. So how can they gain a competitive advantage? Finding a talent acquisition partner to support and guide them through can be a fruitful strategy. But where should mid-market organizations start when looking for a talent acquisition partner, and what should they expect?

To answer this question, Felix Mitchell, co-founder and CEO of Instant Impact, returns to the HRO Today Educational Podcast Series to offer his perspective on the role of Talent Partners in the middle market. Felix and host Elliot Clark, CEO of HRO Today, explore the partnerships between RPOs and small to medium-sized companies, the cost of the talent acquisition process, and how candidate experience is suffering amid it all.

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