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  • HRO Today Baker's Dozen 2018 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: RPO

    View the results of this year’s RPO Baker’s Dozen ranking.

    By The Editors

    HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings are based solely on feedback from buyers of the rated services; the ratings are not based on the opinion of the HRO Today staff. We collect feedback annually through an online survey, which we distribute to buyers directly through our own mailing lists and indirectly through service providers. Once collected, response data for all providers with a statistically significant sample size are loaded into the HRO Today database for analysis.

  • Disability Inclusion Out of the Shadows, Into the Spotlight

    What do Facebook, Walmart, CVS Health, and Voya Financial have in common? A strong disability inclusion program.

    By Marta Chmielowicz

    Twenty-eight years ago, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law. Prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities and calling for reasonable accommodations for all who need them, this piece of legislation was a landmark victory in the fight for civil rights and equal opportunities.

  • HRO Today CEO’s Note: Protecting HR Investments in Services and Technology

    By Elliot H. Clark

    For many years, HRO Today has provided numerous customer satisfaction based rankings of providers through the HRO Today Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction surveys. We appreciate the notoriety and respect the practitioner community has placed in the methodology of the ranking. However, we only perform this kind of study in up to 10 areas of technology or service. This leaves many categories that are not covered or fall neatly into the Baker’s Dozen program

  • Open Source Talent Building a Talent Ecosystem

    An open source approach for recruiting today’s employees can deliver a competitive advantage.

    By Antonis Christidis

    Across the globe and across all industries, business leaders are facing the challenge of competing for digital talent to ensure their organizations are ready for the future of work. This is especially the case as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and ever-evolving forms of automation shape tomorrow’s business landscape. But in order to attract the right talent to successfully compete in the digital world, organizations must think beyond traditional sourcing approaches.

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HRO Today Global Current Issue

  • HRO Today Global Summer 2018 Mindfulness Meditations

    Leatham Green shares his insights about the benefits of a mindful, holistic wellness approach to employee health and productivity.

    By Marta Chmielowicz

    Mindfulness can be defined as the act of noticing things. Whilst the practice has its roots in Buddhist tradition, it has expanded to serve a more secular function thanks to one reason: By actively observing, mindfulness allows people to become fully immersed and engaged with their reality. In turn, fostering greater awareness promotes curiosity, understanding, and acceptance. It is for this reason that Leatham Green, founder of the Mindful HR Centre, has embarked on a career that promotes mindfulness as a key business strategy.

  • Global Payroll Achieving Payroll Globalisation

    Payroll complexity remains a major challenge for multinational companies expanding into new international markets.

    By Marta Chmielowicz

    Payroll today is about much more than just paying employees. It is about ensuring that their personal data remains secure whilst navigating ever-shifting legislation and privacy regulations, unstandardised solutions, changes in workforce structures, and rapidly advancing technologies. And when international operations are added into the mix, the complexity of payroll can seem even more overwhelming. In fact, according to NGA Human Resources’ 2017 Global Payroll Complexity Index, the only constant in global payroll is constant change.

  • HRO Today Forum Towards Tomorrow

    Covering topics from AI to succession planning, the EMEA and APAC HRO Today Forum events provide a valuable opportunity to learn, share, and ultimately, succeed.

    By Marta Chmielowicz

    Automation. Globalisation. Talent shortages. Regulatory compliance. Leadership development. Diversity and inclusion. Employee wellness. Data security. Workforce planning. Employee engagement. Change management. Outsourcing. Succession planning. The list of challenges facing today’s HR professionals goes on and on. In these volatile, complex, and uncertain times, the rapidly transforming business landscape is forcing the world of HR to evolve its entire approach to talent management. And throughout all of these changes, HR executives remain accountable for two key functions: taking care of workers and adding business value.

  • Relocation Temporary Moves

    Gig economy workers seek relocation opportunities, but job classification challenges and local regulations remain a barrier.

    By Mary Stoik Dymond

    The rising trend of professional gig work is shifting the boundaries on the permanent, full-time employment norm. In fact, some analysts are even predicting that more than half of workers will be contractors or gig workers in the near future (Nation1099). The composition of workplace talent is nearing a tipping point, and the global gig economy is only poised to grow.

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HRO Today Research & Best Practices

  • Global Unemployment Report: Q2 2018

    Deploying a global workforce and ensuring access to the best talent is a crucial component of success for many enterprises. Global labor market data is an invaluable tool for multinational HR departments and can be used to inform critical decisions around the best countries and regions in which to grow. PeopleScout, a global provider of […]

  • Worker Confidence Index – Second Quarter 2018

    The Worker Confidence Index (WCI) for the second quarter of 2018 declined by 2.8 points, reversing a prior trend of consecutive quarterly increases. Of the four components of the WCI, only Job Security increased, rising 4 points since the first quarter of 2018. Likelihood of a Promotion decreased the most, down by 9.9 points. The […]

  • Human Resources New Technology Quarterly Summary: Q2 2018

    What technological advancements and news happened during the second quarter of 2018? The rate of advancement in the human capital management (HCM) technology sector is accelerating. In order to track the players and their innovations, HRO Today and Alexander Mann Solutions have partnered to release quarterly reports that summarize trends, funding initiatives and other activities […]

  • HR and Hiring Managers: Where They Differ and Agree on TA Performance

    How do the opinions of HR and hiring managers vary regarding TA processes? In a time when worldwide unemployment rates are reaching historic lows, recruiters are under increasing pressure to fill positions quickly. Hiring managers, faced with their own challenges, are not always the most sympathetic partners in the hiring process. But how do they […]

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HRO Today White Papers

  • Whitepaper: Three Workforce Solutions to Reduce Costs of Contingent Healthcare Staffing

    How can healthcare executives manage staffing shortages, rising regulatory pressures, and increased marketplace competition? A critical part of the solution to workforce budgeting challenges is optimizing contingent staff to reduce costs, make spending more predictable, relieve management pressures, and improve patient care. In response to the increased utilization of contingent practitioners throughout the healthcare industry, […]

  • Employee Screening The Five W’s: Analyzing The Benefits and Advantages of Employee Screening

    Competition to find the best applicants is at an all-time high, and competitors are fighting to find applicants to help their company grow and set them apart. A comprehensive background screening program can be used to strengthen a company in its specific industry and increase efficiencies in the hiring process. Your company’s future relies on […]

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