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Integrated Data in Enterprise RPO

An effective enterprise RPO allows organizations to leverage data and market knowledge to boost talent acquisition effectiveness.

By Maggie Mancini

An RPO solution can help guide organizations through times of uncertainty with scaled hiring and resource agility. Beyond recruiting support, RPOs provide data analytics that can help TA leaders improve their decision-making for efficient and reliable hiring strategies.   

“One of the things that an RPO can provide TA leaders that a staffing agency can’t is data analytics and a solid technology footprint to benefit hiring,” says Koye Adejumo, vice president, infrastructure and operational excellence at Sevenstep. “There should be data and market knowledge that is much more than what an internal talent acquisition team has at their disposal.”   

“Access to data and analytics is important to success,” he points out, “but the real value employers should expect from their RPO partners is how they use that data. A quality provider should bring the technology and expertise to integrate those many data points to inform a specific strategy. This approach could help target a specific region or hiring class, determine competitive rates, and even predict where the most impact can be achieved in the shortest amount of time. Do not settle for reporting about the past; look for a partner that can help you see the road ahead.” 

This access to data comes with helpful analytics, particularly if the organization is looking for seasonal hires or entering a new geographic location. “These data points,” Adejumo says, “can guide the talent acquisition team to optimize their strategy. For example, a company engaged in a recruitment partnership can utilize data points from their third-party RPO provider to evaluate market conditions in a region where they’re looking to hire for the first time, or they could use data to diagnose and solve recruiting issues for consistently hard-to-fill roles.” 

“Some of our newer clients may not realize the level of data analytics that we have access to in an RPO solution,” Adejumo says. “And I always enjoy the conversations where I can help shift their knowledge base a little bit about what it can mean to utilize a solution for their needs.”   

Sevayo® Insights, Sevenstep’s proprietary data integration and analytics solution, allows organizations to utilize real-time business intelligence to identify and address obstacles, understand talent trends, forecast hiring, and manage multiple aspects of their talent acquisition and management functions in one program. “The data integration aspect of our project RPO, and essential all our RPO solutions, makes the difference in connecting the dots,” says Adejumo. “Candidate supply, market information, internal and external systems, our own hiring data—all contribute to informed answers and reliable, effective hiring strategies.”  

Adejumo points out that when HR and TA leaders leverage data analytics and market knowledge as part of an RPO solution, “it helps the process along and helps everyone make more educated decisions as part of that process.”   

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