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Tackling Hiring Uncertainty with Project RPO – The Importance of Project RPO in Confusing Economic Times

Between new jobs being added to the economy, looming recessions, and recent unpredictability in the world, it is safe to say we are living in uncertain economic times. Talent Acquisition leaders must explore their options to be ready for anything and everything. One of the options for those companies facing an increase in hiring volume is to contract with an RPO provider for “Project RPO,” hiring a discrete number of employees over a limited period of time, usually less than a year.

Sandra Zawacki, Executive Director of Client Solutions for Sevenstep, joins HRO Today CEO Elliot Clark on the HRO Today Educational Podcast to explore how Project RPO can help fill the gaps in managing a TA function. With Project RPO, companies can build an infrastructure to support specific hires and have access to a solid data analytics and technology platform to educate their decisions.

Together, Sandra and Elliot examine the state of the TA industry. Listen in as they offer their thoughts on how companies can and should use Project RPO during difficult economic times.

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