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Employees Seek Moments of Appreciation for Work Contributions

Moments of employee appreciation matter: 91% of working Americans report they want their company to recognize employee contributions with tokens of appreciation, such as gifts and company shoutouts, according to research from Snappy, the award-winning, all-in-one gifting company.

Among employees who plan to stay in their current roles this year (78%), the number one factor that matters most to them is feeling appreciated and valued (20%). The 22% of workers who plan to leave their current role in search of a new job in 2024 report top motivators for doing so include finding a position to make more money (21%), career growth (21%), seeking a better company culture (10%), seeking hybrid work (9%), desire for a better manager (8%), and not feeling respected or valued in their current position (6%).

When employers put in the effort to create a culture of gratitude and show appreciation for their employees, it results in more engaged employees, higher employee retention, innovation, and better collaboration. One in three employees (30%) report being demotivated when they feel undervalued, impacting their overall performance and well-being. A regular cadence of thoughtful gifting boosts employee visibility, motivation, and wellness.

Working professionals report the most important person to receive recognition and appreciation from is their direct manager (49%). Employees also place high value on receiving recognition attributed to feedback and tokens of appreciation from their colleagues (19%), the team members they directly manage (14%), and their company CEO (14%). While recognition from direct managers is the most valuable to employees, the majority of managers (86%) report they need help with gifting guidance and would like their company to support employee recognition programming with dedicated budgets for gifting their direct reports (69%).

One in four working Americans (25%) report their company is not transparent in sharing strategy and goals for the upcoming year. Building a culture of transparency builds trust within an organization. Trust builds a stronger culture with more motivated employees. According to the 2024 Workforce Study, when employees feel motivated at work they report they are more innovative and creative (33%), more engaged with customers and clients (31%), collaborate better with their colleagues (19%), and are more willing and eager to take on new projects (16%).

The majority of employees (86%) report wearing branded gifts, or swag, from their employer featuring a company logo on it makes them feel proud of their company and its mission. Swag serves companies and workers by creating camaraderie, with 78% of employees reporting that branded gifts with their company logo make them feel more connected to colleagues. Gifting swag is a powerful tool to strengthen culture, boosting company pride and employee engagement.

Moments of gratitude and appreciation can happen year-round, with personal and professional milestones such as birthdays, work anniversaries, graduations, weddings, and the addition of new family members, as some of the most important and impactful moments that companies can celebrate employees.

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