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Workers Increasingly Unable to Meet Basic Needs

ComPsych has released new data showing a stunning surge in North Americans workers struggling to meet their basic needs. Nearly one in three (28%) of non-clinical cases managed by ComPsych in 2023 in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada were related to help with government programs for basic needs ranging from rental assistance to utilities, prescriptions, food pantries, transportation, taxes, and loans, among other areas.  

These findings are based on a sample analysis of more than 25,000 cases in 2023 and represent a 27% increase in government assistance since 2019, pointing to a significant increase in unmet basic needs since the onset of the pandemic and persistent inflation.  

“We’ve increasingly heard from our customers—especially those in industries like retail, manufacturing, and food service—that it’s become harder and harder for their workers to cover the cost of their basic needs like housing, utilities, medical care, transportation, and food,” says Dr. Richard Chaifetz, founder and CEO of ComPsych. “Needless to say, this can be a tremendous source of stress and anxiety. Our holistic approach to care helps employees navigate the mental distress caused by these challenges as well as the root causes—connecting them to the resources they need to find solutions.” 

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