Commitment To Excellence

See who’s who among the most recognised leaders in the HR industry. By The Editors Dedicated. Enthusiastic. Ground-breaking. These are all characteristics that a Global HR Superstar possesses. Being a Global Superstar means being fully committed to one’s workforce whilst driving transformative change and bringing organisations to the next level. HRO Today Global believes that […]

Communicating Benefits to Generation Y

Four effective ways to speak the language of millennials   Christa Elliott Executives at global companies know they need to communicate with the millennial generation differently than previous ones. One key strategy has been the use of newer technology and social media, which the millennials grew up using. When it comes to communicating health benefits […]

Communicating Your Value

Leverage these three strategies to show the strength of your benefits program in order to attract and retain Millennials. By Missy Jaeger HR professionals have confronted the challenge of effectively communicating the value of the company benefits package to successive generations of workers with varying degrees of success. As Millennial employees become the dominant workplace […]

Communicating Your Employment Brand

In a complex and demand-driven employment market, enticing the best talent requires more than just a quality benefit package. A strong employer brand must go beyond an organization’s market position and include an environment that provides positive experiences and meaningful work. Gone are the days of long-term loyalty and pension plans. Only one in ten […]

Talent Communities

The 3 ‘R’s for getting the most value from these candidate pools.   By Erin Bazinet   Talent communities are an essential component of today’s social recruiter’s game plan. Not only do they provide
a warm, inviting place for recruiters to connect and communicate with candidates, but they also facilitate crowd sourcing high-quality candidates. Just so […]

Communication Breakdown

Great benefits plan you’ve got there—but do employees know?   By Audrey Boone Tillman   Educating employees about their insurance plans can be just as important as the plans themselves. Recent example: Only 35 percent of workers believe that their employer effectively communicated about healthcare reform and subsequent changes to their benefits, according to the […]

Commoditizing the HR Profession

 Is HRO the breaker of egos or does it just want to further make available services that self-proclaimed experts boast as their raison d’être?   By Paul Davies     From the self-promoting chroniclers of medieval European monarchs to modern-day media secretaries, the appearance, the perception, and the brand have always been more important than […]