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Enhancing the Employee Experience through Mobility

Employee relocation has been a central part of HR strategies for years. In fact, recent research from HRO Today and CapRelo finds that 81% of respondents feel mobility programs help recruit employees; 76% say it is effective for career development, and 71% laud its ability to retain employees. So how can HR leaders get the most from mobility?

Senior Vice President and Editorial Director of HRO Today Magazine Debbie Bolla welcomes Barry Morris, president and CEO of CapRelo, and Heather Hudnall, Senior Vice President for Global Operations at CapRelo, to the HRO Today Educational Podcast to discuss the value of employee mobility programs.

Together, they share how relocation can open opportunities for employees and how employers can facilitate an efficient and beneficial mobility program. Relocation opens the door for increased diversity, access to top talent, and improved employee quality of life.

Listen in as Barry and Heather share their insights into employee relocation best practices and industry trends.

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