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Recognition That’s Contagious

HR Outsourcing

Dow’s Johanna Soderstrom shares the secrets to creating a global culture of appreciation. 

By Debbie Bolla

Having a recognition program that’s “nice to have” was no longer enough for The Dow Chemical Company. Corporate Vice President of Human Resources and Aviation Johanna Soderstrom and her team understand the critical impact that providing meaningful recognition to their more than 50,000 employees has on the bottom line. That’s why in 2013, Dow partnered with O.C. Tanner to evolve their service-driven rewards program into one that encourages a global culture of appreciation.

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HRO Today 2017 Resource Guide

HRO Today Resource Guide

We know that the readers of HRO Today magazine turn to us as a go-to resource in the HR industry that delivers trends, insights, and the top resources for all of their HR operations and service needs. In our annual resource guide, we aim to showcase providers and product vendors across 18 sectors of HR services.

Here, you will find providers of everything from recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) to benefits administration and multi-process HRO, not to mention a treasure trove of HR technology, consulting services, and other ancillary products.

We hope that our 2017 Resource Guide will serve you well as a starting point in your search for appropriate vendors.

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A Healthier Way to Have it All

HR Outsourcing

Work-life balance is out, and HR is making way for work-life integration.

By Christa Elliott

Family life, social life, and work life—why not have it all? That’s the thought behind “work-life balance.” The term was coined in the 1980s, but the task turned out to be more demanding on workers than anyone anticipated. Luckily, there’s now a new game in town: work-life integration. Where work-life balance suggests that workers juggle and compartmentalize family, friends, and career, work-life integration rejects the idea that these things should be separated at all.

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A New Approach

HR Outsourcing

Measuring both internal and external factors helps provide HR with critical insight for business decisions.

By Sandhya Johnson

Measuring HR is a daunting task for many professionals in the field. There is typically a flurry of activity at the end of each month, quarter, and financial year to gather and report many of the traditional, delivery-based HR metrics. The five usual suspects are turnover, time-to-fill, tenure, training hours/days, and total HR spend. These metrics are useful in monitoring if core HR functions are performing, but they are not enough. These measurements have limitations—they are lagging and aren’t specific to the overall human capital strategy of an organization.

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Bite-Sized Learning

HR Outsourcing

Shorter may be better when it comes to executing workforce training. Here’s how.

By Christa Elliott

Five to 10 seconds—that’s the time it takes for a person to decide to either stay engaged with a piece of content or, more commonly, to move on to something else. Many will attribute waning attention spans to the tech-heavy upbringing of Generation Y, but the shifting preference for micro-learning over deep focus activities isn’t reserved for the young. It’s a product of the modern world, and it’s happening across the globe.

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Looking Good, For Now

HR Outsourcing

Worker confidence is up, but with an election looming, things may change.

By The Editors

Good news: Worker confidence is up and it’s likely driven by increases in compensation. The worker confidence index (WCI) from HRO Today and Yoh Recruitment Process Outsourcing reports an increase between the first and the second quarter of 2016, from 96.8 to 99.7. The uptick was the result of a sizable increase in the likelihood of raise of at least 3 percent, up 12.2 percentage points.

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Searching Global Markets

HRO Today Unemployment Snapshot

New research reveals international talent patterns and recruitment needs.

One of the biggest challenges that HR professionals face is the recruitment of high-quality talent in the face of a recovering global recession, increasing talent shortages, and an ever-changing employment landscape. It is becoming more and more difficult to find the best-fit talent that is needed to fill important and highly specialized roles. In order to adapt to these new challenges, many organizations are turning to untapped talent pools that lie in global markets. This strategy provides an opportunity for companies to benefit from international economic and population growth while simultaneously strengthening their global brand.

In order to explore international labor markets, organizations must first consult global labor market data. To fulfill this need, PeopleScout has partnered with HRO Today to produce ongoing reports that compile current international labor market figures, including measures like national gross domestic product (GDP) and unemployment rates over time, from countries across the globe. Such measures reveal critical information about the state of the talent pool, working conditions, and recruitment needs of various countries and regions. This data is essential in predicting fruitful locations for expansion and recruitment, and thereby allows multinational companies to stay competitive in talent acquisition.

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Going Glocal

As more and more organizations expand their footprints to include a multinational presence, the word “glocal”—conducting business according to both local and global considerations— has become commonplace. We go glocal here at HRO Today with our sister publication HRO Today Global, a magazine that covers the same topics but focuses on trends specific to EMEA and APAC.

When working on this month’s cover story, Recognition That’s Contagious (see page 12), it become clear early into my conversation with Dow’s Johanna Soderstrom that a recognition program with a global reach was a top priority. As corporate vice president of human resources and aviation, Soderstrom oversees Dow’s more than 50,000 employees in 180 countries. She knew that the backbone of the recognition program could be the same, but would need to be executed at the discretion of the region.

“An American program doesn’t work in all corners of the world,” she said. “So we had to make sure that the program works in different parts of the world.” By implementing a global platform with the help of O.C. Tanner and allowing regional leaders customize their approach, Dow is experiencing an 11 percent increase in global participation.

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Engage, Lead, and Learn – Get Involved Today: HRO Today STA Update

HRO Today Zachary Misko

The HRO Today Services and Technology Association (HROSTA) is a global association of HR executives, thought leaders, and industry experts working in roles as practitioners, providers, and analysts to participate in conversations, set industry standards and practices and network with others in HR technology and services.

Because we have an active membership community, we provide opportunities for all of our members to get involved in the association and set its course for the future. Our association gives opportunities to network, learn, and develop standards and practices within HR(O). Our member committees provide a forum to ensure that we can better sustain momentum on membership activities and outputs, as well as provide additional roles to engage, lead, and learn.

Each committee is led by a chair or co-chairs, one board of advisor and a member; members who express interest will become member chairs in September. Membership in committees is open to all current association members. The committees will provide each member the chance to become more engaged in the association and help us focus on our strategic initiatives for the year. This is a great way for multiple people in your organizations to get involved in setting standards and practices within the industry, network, and participate in the association.

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