CEO’s Letter: Perceptions are Realities

HRO Today

By Elliot H. Clark

In this month’s issue, we present the Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings of more than two dozen recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers. Talent acquisition is a complex blend of operational excellence, technological application, sales panache, and marketing. Yes, employment branding is a major part of the conversation. How current and potential employees view a company is a big part of the decision-making about joining or staying, so perception of the company’s policies are paramount in this dialectic.

Last month, we profiled the Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings of the recognition and rewards industry. I want to discuss how rewards policies are related to attraction and retention, and how monumentally, epically, and inexplicably short-sighted it has been for so many companies to foolishly, stupidly, and callously cut the budget out from under their rewards programs during the global pandemic. And if you did, yes I am talking to you!

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Editor’s Note: Hybrid How-to

HRO Today

By Debbie Bolla

As organizations monitor workforce changes driven by COVID-19 and try to identify the shifts that may end up being permanent, the hybrid work model is one to keep an eye on. A hybrid workplace is a blend of employees working from the office and others working from home. Many organizations have opted for this model by staggering employees’ schedules as a way to safely reopen offices after mandated shutdowns in early spring. And it’s likely to continue, with findings from Microsoft’s Work Trend Index showing that 71 percent of employees and managers want to continue working from home at least part time.

Is a hybrid workforce the model of the future? It certainly is an approach that gives employees a bit of flexibility and employers the in-person innovation they crave. Two stories provide some insight to help determine the answer to that question. In Best of Both Worlds, Alicia Seager, director of people and culture for OutMatch, shares that a hybrid model will call for significant changes to support all workers.

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HRO Today Association Update: Learn From Home

By Renée Preston

The HRO Today Association has made it a priority to ensure members are engaged, can connect with one another, and can access professional development opportunities virtually throughout the pandemic. In fact, we’ve been offering virtual learning opportunities all along, but we’ve really stepped up our game over the last few months! Our Director of Membership Services Wendy Metzgar has done an incredible job securing top-notch speakers to deliver content on the most pressing topics our members are facing right now.

The Association’s Professional Development Livestreams offer members the chance to learn and share HR best practices, tools, policies, resources, trends, and technology. A variety of formats bring together industry-leading experts, including executives, trainers, coaches, authors, thought leaders, and advisors, to deliver meaningful takeaways that improve strategy and overall performance. Recent sessions include:

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TrueBlue Names Brannon Lacey President of PeopleScout

TACOMA, Wash. — September 15, 2020 — TrueBlue, a global leader in specialized workforce solutions, announced today a new appointment to its senior leadership team. Brannon Lacey has been named President of PeopleScout, a division of TrueBlue and the world’s largest recruitment process outsourcing provider. Lacey replaces outgoing interim President Chip Holmes.

Lacey most recently served as the President and Chief Product Officer of Benefits Solutions at Alight, a leading human capital, and business solutions provider. At Alight, he led a $2 billion business segment and a global team of 14,000 colleagues.

Prior to Alight, Lacey spent more than four years at Rackspace, where he served as SVP & General Manager of Application Services, among other roles. Before that, Brannon served as a principal at Samsung Ventures, where he led venture capital investments for mobility products. He has also held a variety of strategic technology consulting and leadership roles at Samsung, Skaya, and Accenture.

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PRO Unlimited Appoints New CEO

July 30, 2020 – Boca Raton, FL – PRO Unlimited, a global innovator of contingent workforce management software and services, today announced the appointment of Kevin Akeroyd as its Chief Executive Officer. Former CEO, Andy Schultz, stepped down after leading the company since its inception nearly three decades ago.

“There is a dramatic shift occurring where skilled knowledge workers on the employee side, and the vast majority of employers trying to compete in the war for talent, are moving towards contingent labor over traditional full-time engagements,” said Kevin Akeroyd, Chief Executive Officer at PRO Unlimited. “This fundamental change in mindset for the employee and employer is being driven by the need for flexibility, fiscal management, and risk mitigation through the use of contingent employment. There aren’t many companies that offer end-to-end management solutions for the contingent workforce – PRO does, and this makes it an exciting leader in one of the biggest growth opportunities across the entire technology landscape. PRO is the emerging disruptor in the category, and I’m thrilled to lead the company into this next stage.”

Over the past four years, Akeroyd served as CEO at Cision where he took the company public on the NYSE before selling it for $2.8 billion to Platinum Equity in January 2020. Prior to Cision, Akeroyd has been General Manager at both Oracle and Salesforce, running business units that were category leaders in Cloud Software, Services, and Data. Earlier in his career, Akeroyd held Executive positions at companies including Jigsaw, Acxiom and RR Donnelley.

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Worldwide Pandemic Devastates Worker Confidence

Worker confidence falls to historic low while trust in management remains high.

By Larry Basinait

The results of the Worker Confidence Index (WCI) report for the second quarter of 2020 are largely consistent with the economic findings of other government organizations. The Department of Labor estimates that U.S. employers shed nearly 30 million positions from payrolls this spring as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and related shutdowns.

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Safety First

Learn about the precautions being taken at the HRO Today Forums in the age of COVID-19.

By Jason Frenchman

As of press time, the annual HRO Today Forum events in Europe and North America remain on schedule for Nov. 2- 4, 2020 in Athens, Greece, and Dec. 1-3, 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee, respectively. Of course, the ability to hold these much-anticipated annual in-person events for HR professionals remains contingent on developments related to the global coronavirus pandemic.

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CEO’s Letter: Research Revelations

HRO Today

By Elliot H. Clark

According to most dictionaries, the word “research” is derived from an Old French word for “search.” It has come to be used as a term for seeking the truth with data and the scientific methodology of analysis. In the social sciences, we get much data from the statistical analysis of perception. This month, I am “previewing” (teasing…) some findings from upcoming HRO Today research reports.

In this issue, we share the results of our quarterly Worker Confidence Index (WCI) report, co-sponsored by Yoh, which contains no shocking revelations on worker confidence. In the wake of the pandemic, the WCI plummeted due to fear and uncertainty about jobs, compensation, and the likelihood of a promotion. While worker confidence was down, there was a surprising durability in trust in leadership. We saw signs of this in the preliminary monthly data prior to the completion of the full quarterly report. We strongly believe this continuing level of trust is due to HR’s success communicating with the workforce throughout the COVID-19 crisis. This has sustained the credibility of executive leadership in a time of almost unprecedented opacity about the near future. It also highlights the enormous impact of HR policies and practices on the emotional stability of workers.

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