Honouring HR: 2020 HRO Today EMEA Superstars

We recognise a roundup of HR leaders who are driving business change.

By The Editors

HR faces great challenges today. Top talent expects employers to deliver an exemplary experience, new technologies, enriching learning programmes, career growth, robust benefits plans, job flexibility, mobility opportunities -and the list goes on. In this demanding environment, we think it’s important to recognise leaders that have gone above and beyond in the realm of HR.

Empowering Apps

On-the-go tech allows HR and employees alike to easily take care of daily tasks.

By Simon Kent

Artificial intelligence and automation are set to have a huge impact on business and the workplace. For HR, however, the tech in people’s pockets could be more game-changing. The oft-heard phrase, “There’s an app for that,” has permeated the function, leaving HR directors with the task of working out how these potentially useful solutions can benefit their business.

On the Growth Track

HR professionals play a critical role in helping SMEs expand their footprints.

By Simon Kent

Growth is always on the agenda for businesses and the start of a new year is a great time for new efforts to be made and strategies to be clarified. Building a company from SME to a larger entity is a challenge in many respects. Indeed, this progression can mark the creation of a proper HR function from humble beginnings.

Mental Health Check

Organisations are starting to prioritise the holistic well-being of their employees, adapting their cultures and benefits to support mental health wellness.

By Simon Kent

Awareness of mental health in the workplace has undoubtedly grown over the past few years. Headlines have been made and even Britain’s own royal family has contributed to the discussion. According to Sophie Hennekam, professor of management at Audencia Business School in France, the World Health Organisation has estimated that mental health conditions cost the global economy $1 trillion in lost productivity each year.

Editor’s Note: Workforce Health in the New Year

By Simon Kent A recent survey found that as many as 89 per cent of UK employees suffered from workplace stress sufficient enough to affect their mental health. DolanContractor Group,…