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UAE Graduates Confident About Career Prospects

While 81% of graduates feel their degree will make it easier to secure a job, 82% think they’ll need to continually upskill throughout their career. 

By Maggie Mancini

Graduates in the United Arab Emirates are confident in their future career prospects compared to their peers around the globe. Research from CFA Institute finds 78% of Emirati graduates are confident in their prospects.  

The finance industry remains a top choice for graduates, while education and healthcare sectors have seen a slight decrease. At the same time, many graduates are concerned about a lack of jobs in their chosen sector, low pay, and feeling unfulfilled in their work. Those who are 18 to 21 years old are more likely to feel unfulfilled than those 22 to 25 years old. Further, 62% look for salary in an employer along with working arrangements.  

Nearly two-thirds of graduates think AI and automation will make it more difficult to secure the job they want, but two-thirds think AI is important to the success of their chosen career path. Most (92%) of graduates believe knowing how to use AI tools will benefit their career prospects.  

While 81% of graduates feel their career prospects have improved by getting a degree, 82% think they’ll need to continually upskill throughout their career. Further, about a quarter (26%) of graduates want to work at a variety of different companies throughout their career, while 26% think it’s important to stick to one company and rise through the ranks. Nearly three-quarters (71%) do not intend to stay at a company for more than four years.  

Most graduates consider it important to make a positive social or environmental contribution through their careers, and 92% of graduates say they would be influenced by a company’s commitment to ESG factors when deciding to apply for a job.  

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