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Hybrid Workers are Happier Workers

Research from IWG finds that U.K. employees with flexible schedules experience less stress than those who work in the office five days each week.

By Maggie Mancini

Hybrid workers are happier, healthier, and more productive than those who spend their full week in the office, according to research from Mortar Research on behalf of IWG. The survey of U.K. employees who divide their time between home and the office finds that three-quarters of those who work flexibly find they are less burnt out than those who work solely in-person.  

Hybrid workers also report feeling less drained (79%), less stressed (78%), and less anxious (72%) due to working from home. In fact, 86% say the increase in their free time from no longer having to travel to work improves their work-life balance and helps them cope better with daily life.  

Hybrid workers also cite benefits including:  

  • better quality of sleep (68%);
  • more exercise (54%);
  • healthier meal preparation (58%); and
  • better health overall (68%).  

Three-quarters (75%) say that going back to working five days a week from the office would damage their well-being. The research also finds that three in four hybrid workers feel they are more productive (74%), motivated (76%), and satisfied (86%) because of their hybrid schedule.  

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