A Closer Look

More economic growth is projected, but how do global unemployment rates fare now? By The Editors To explore international labor markets, companies must first consult global labor market data. PeopleScout, a global provider of RPO, MSP, and total workforce solutions, has partnered with HRO Today to produce quarterly reports that compile current international labor market […]

Interview Overdose

It’s a candidate’s market and time to rethink how to vet talent. By Astrid Burr Time to hire has always been a key metric in assessing how well talent organizations are meeting their hiring targets. It’s also important to business stakeholders who depend on high performers to keep their departments productive. But Glassdoor Economic Research […]

Come and Stay Awhile

Carefully planning the candidate experience—from recruitment through onboarding—can lead to better hires and higher retention. By Darren Findley and Tom Brennan Talent acquisition professionals are paying more and more attention to the candidate experience, and for good reason. Findings from Engage2Excel’s new research report 2017 Trendicators underscore the importance of a positive candidate experience in […]

Worker Confidence is Up, Up, and Away!

More employees are concerned about job loss, but those with security are feeling flush. By The Editors Worker confidence continued its upward trend in the first quarter of 2017. The Worker Confidence Index (WCI) from HRO Today and Yoh Recruitment Process Outsourcing reports an increase to the highest level since the study’s inception in 2014, […]

Making the Connection

By calling out employee efforts that tie to company purpose, organizations can drive loyalty. By Gary Beckstrand When anthropologists evaluate groups of people and try to define cultures, the first characteristics they look for are mutual purpose and vision, and with good reason—a unified purpose is what connects people and separates distinctive groups. Purpose is […]

Recruiting Driving Revenue

Organizations that leverage best practices in sales hiring will decrease time to fill and increase profits. By The Editors The impact of hiring the right sales people at the right time cannot be overstated. Without sales driving top-line revenue, every other part of the organization— including operations, marketing, and finance—will fail no matter how well […]

Value Over Volume

Data is driving a new approach to healthcare benefits: accountable care organizations. By Molly Loftus With the new American Health Care Act now in the hands of the U.S. Senate, there’s no doubt that employers will play a major role in true healthcare reform. More than 70 percent of Americans receive health insurance through their […]

Seeking Transformation

New research outlines the top drivers of cloud-based HR service adoption. By Pete A. Tiliakos As the journey toward HR transformation continues for many organizations, cloud-based HR services remain in high demand. These services are increasingly seen as a viable path toward achieving business goals and optimizing the HR delivery model. NelsonHall’s 2017 Cloud-Based HR […]