Challenge Accepted

If you are in the 68 per cent of HR leaders that are experiencing talent challenges (according to SHRM research), than this is the issue for you. HRO Today covers strategies to attract, develop, and retain top performers in every issue, but our Autumn edition is essentially your Golden Ticket to talent acquisition and management. […]

CapRelo Talks Technology in the Mobility Market

With Barry Morris, CEO, CapRelo Relocation clients and transferees/assignees are on the move, and mobility technology needs to keep up. Whether they’re tracking expenses or communicating information about the new location, today’s global businesses seek solutions that can do all of this and more on convenient and intuitive platforms that make relocation management a breeze. […]

Total Talent Acquisition and Management: Uniting a Multifaceted Solution

With Lynne Marie Finn, CEO and President, Broadleaf Results, Inc. (formerly Superior Workforce Solutions, Inc.) There are many approaches to talent management, but Broadleaf Results, Inc. (Broadleaf)—formerly Superior Workforce Solutions, Inc.—has found that separately managed models for acquiring contingent and direct workers are inefficient and outdated. Today, many recruitment and staffing companies are talking about […]

MSPs: Evolving for the Extended Workforce

With Curt Paquette, Chief Operating Officer, GRI The demand for MSPs is greater than ever, and GRI’s expectations for what their programs will achieve have also risen significantly. Given this climate and the fact that organizations now employ an increasingly diverse mix of internal and external workers, many MSP providers are shifting from traditional MSP […]

Adding Caregiving Services to Your Relocation Program: the Right Approach

With Scott McCain, President, Paragon Relocation Family is the number one reason that employees turn down a corporate relocation, according to Worldwide ERC®. This is contributing to recruiting issues for many companies in what is already a tight labor market. In 2016, nearly 80 percent of HR leaders reported difficulty in recruiting for high-skilled jobs. […]

Identifying and Developing High-Potential Employees

With Dr. Steve Hrop, Vice President, Organizational Development Services, Caliper With generational shifts and a tight talent market, now more than ever it’s important for organizations to focus on leadership development. In fact, recent research shows that 58 percent of organizations report closing leadership skill gaps as a top priority. What steps should HR leaders […]

Leveraging Talent Technology for a Competitive Advantage

With Taryn Owen, president of PeopleScout In today’s tight talent market, organizations need to leverage emerging tools and technology to stay competitive. New technology developments have already transformed the talent acquisition industry, and the possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to what’s next. Some of the most significant trends in talent acquisition include shifting […]

Little’s Big Impact

By investing in employees, Zurich has seen increases in engagement levels and net promoter scores to boot. By Debbie Bolla Although his surname may mean diminutive, Brian Little has only done big things for Zurich North America. As head of human resources for the insurance provider, Little intrinsically understands the direct link between exceptional employees […]