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Appreciating Employees

Company culture, increased investment, and technology are playing a big role in today’s rewards programs.

By Melissa VanDyke

Human capital investments as a trusted way for organizations to sustain and grow success continue to build. Aside from the more than 80 percent of U.S. businesses that now invest in alternative awards for their sales population or employees, a recent study by the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) found that top-performing businesses view rewards and recognition as an important part of the human capital playbook. Of the 900 organizations reviewed, only 300 met the qualifications to be considered top performers: over five percent year-over-year revenue growth, 90 percent customer retention or satisfaction, and 90 percent employee satisfaction or retention.

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Empowering HR

TekTonic Awards

The 2018 TekTonic Award finalists help solve many of HR’s toughest challenges.

By The Editors

HR technology is often tasked with helping organizations overcome some of their most daunting workplace issues—and this year’s TekTonic Award finalists do just that. From finding and training the best talent, to maintaining legal compliance and offering competitive compensation, these solutions are empowering HR for the future of work.

Click here to view this year’s TekTonic Award finalists.

Back To The Basics


By D. Zachary Misko

The HRO Today Global HR Association Advisory Board evaluates member feedback, industry trends, and customer needs to determine what we should include in our annual project plan. As we discussed the initiatives on the table for 2018, it became clear that we should go back to the basics to remind, reteach, and educate HR professionals on the fundamentals of evaluating service and technology needs within the business. So that is exactly what we are going to do.

This year, the HRO Today Global HR Association will build tools to help HR services and technology buyers better determine and manage their needs. This will include the answers to what sometimes may seem like easy questions:

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HR Winners and Losers in the News

HRO Today

By Elliot H. Clark

This year, we’ve had a plethora of public stories that have involved HR-related topics. HR has a hard enough job dealing with everyday stuff like, umm, I don’t know hiring and retaining employees, making sure everyone is paid correctly, and managing a culture of respect and diversity. But add in these flashpoint issues and they precipitate crises. I’ve seen a few examples of HR winners and losers in the news lately, and many of them involve getting rid of problem employees. It reminds me how one of my first mentors told me: “Hire slowly and fire quickly if a problem arises.” I think that is by and large true. I know I am likely going to irritate both the right and the left below, but I’m here for HR, not political parties.

Winner: El Rancho Unified School District

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On Your Agenda, On Our Agenda

HRO Today

By Debbie Bolla

Planning and preparation is in full swing for our annual HRO Today Forum— and if a certain workforce challenge is on your agenda as an HR leader, it’s likely on our agenda too. Incorporating AI tools into the recruitment process? Check. Bringing agility to human capital management? Check. Ways to leverage data for better decision-making? Check.

Employee engagement continues to be a hot-button topic, so it’s a good thing that Dr. Beverly Kaye, founder and chairwoman of Career Systems International, is returning to the stage as keynote. Kaye literally wrote the book—several actually—on employee engagement and strategies that work. She will be sharing how organizations can motivate employees to give more on the opening full day of the Forum.

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Credential Check Corporation acquires United States Homeland Investigations Inc.

Troy, MI – April 13, 2018 – CredentialCheck is pleased to announce the acquisition of United States Homeland Investigations Inc., a Washington D.C. based consumer reporting agency, effective April 1, 2018. CredentialCheck and USHII share a common goal of ensuring safe workplaces through employment background screening, making the acquisition a true merger of values as well.

“This is a very exciting time for CredentialCheck. As a leading CRA, we value the long-term partnerships we build with our clients and look forward to sharing those same principles that drive our everyday,” said Nicole Kiefer, executive vice president and chief operating officer of CredentialCheck.

About CredentialCheck

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Global Unemployment Report: Q4 2017

To explore international labor markets, companies must first consult global labor market data. This much-anticipated quarterly report compiles current international labor market figures from countries around the world, including measures like national Gross Domestic Product and unemployment rates, and tracks them over time.

This report also contains a section on the five developed nations most deeply impacted by chronic unemployment.  Further insight into the challenges these countries face and the underlying causes of their struggles with high unemployment rates are explored.


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Finding the Right Formula

HRO Today March 2018

Learn how employee engagement strategies and surveys can be used to drive meaningful change.

By Debbie Bolla

Employee engagement has been one of the most talked about topics in HR in recent years. It’s certainly not a new idea, but shocking statistics—both good and bad—of its impact on business have put employee engagement back on the map in a big way.

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2018 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Relocation

HRO Today Baker's Dozen

We rank the top providers based on customer satisfaction surveys.

By The Editors

HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings are based solely on feedback from buyers of the rated services; the ratings are not based on the opinion of the HRO Today staff. We collect feedback annually through an online survey which we distribute to buyers directly through our own mailing lists and indirectly through service providers.

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