September 2017

Own the Workforce

As organizations change, talent acquisition practices must evolve with them.

By Debbie Bolla

When the nature of your business can cause unpredictable volume levels on a day-to-day basis, headaches are bound to happen for HR. For Todd Vallely, group vice president of global distribution and fulfillment for Abercrombie & Fitch, managing volume-sensitive functions common in retail like online merchandise orders, redlines and direct-to-consumer sorting and packaging was challenging to say the least. Working with labor management firm SIMOS Insourcing Solutions instead of multiple staffing agencies, provided Abercrombie & Fitch what they needed -and a whole lot more.

Midsize Momentum

RPO moves beyond just cost savings and brings strategic value to the hiring process in this segment. By Christa Elliott Midsize RPO deals continue to gain market share as they…

Compensation Considerations

Research reveals five trends that help guide best practices in payroll.

By Mollie Lambardi

Payroll continues to be one of the top services that is outsourced to a third-party provider. In fact, Aptitude Research Partners’ recent study on workforce management found that four out of five organizations are using payroll software solutions or payroll services. When looking at large enterprises -those with more than 1,000 employees -that number is nearly nine out of 10. As organizations struggle to find and keep great talent, creating a positive payroll experience is increasingly important. And as HR organizations seek to position themselves as strategic leaders, the last thing they want is to be bogged down by payroll errors. But an increasingly complex regulatory environment is quickly complicating the world of payroll.

Happy Together

Combining internal and external recruitment resources provides a competitive edge in today’s market.

By Paul Harty

Due to the various changes within the global economy, talent acquisition leaders are under increasing pressure to ramp up hiring quickly and pivot in near-real time to address rapidly evolving needs. It’s no longer uncommon for talent acquisition managers to be asked to hire an unanticipated few hundred workers in less than two months.

Enterprising RPO

Five trends that are shaping how large organizations find and hire talent.

By Christa Elliott

RPO has become an old friend to many enterprises, helping organizations prepare for staffing growth and implement much-needed innovation in order to hire the best talent. And through the years, recruiting has never stagnated. On the contrary, every market change brings a new crop of RPO trends that can help companies better attract candidates, manage onboarding, and perform a whole host of enhanced recruiting functions.

Agents of Change

A senior vice president of HR’s advice on how to attract, hire, and retain younger generations.

By Jackie Chizuk

Millennials and Generation Z are graduating college and entering the workforce; they will account for approximately 56 percent of all U.S. employees by the year 2025. This means that one in two workers will have been born after 1980 in the next eight years.

Taking Off

Understanding the importance of work-life balance, MIT pilots flexible working programs and finds success.

By Dr. Peter Hirst

Academic institutions are hotbeds of innovation, yet when it comes to developing and adopting workplace policies to accommodate today’s workers, higher education has been lagging behind other industries, reports Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace. This is a serious concern for MIT because the institution competes to retain and recruit the best talent across departments, labs, and centers. From industry giants such as Google, Biogen, and Akamai, to scores of exciting start-ups -many fueled by their proximity to MIT -Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachussetts is a battleground for top talent. As the economy picks up and workers feel more confident about their careers, MIT has to step up its efforts to continue to be among America’s best employers (the school was ranked number 12 in the Forbes 2016 survey).

Holistic Hiring

A roundup of experts weigh in on how to attract candidates with high potential.

By Christa Elliott

With many organizations taking a centralized approach to talent acquisition, effective tactics for talent management, customer experience, and big-picture HR strategy are critical. That’s why last month, Geometric Results Inc. (GRI) hosted a webinar, “Holistic Hiring: Accessing New Channels for Talent,” to discuss these issues.

Tech on the Move

Exciting advances in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and more are set to revamp the mobility industry.

By Christa Elliott

The phrases virtual reality, artificial intelligence (AI), and “mobile apps” have been buzzing around in TED Talks and business articles for years, but it wasn’t until more recently that HR caught up and started brainstorming innovative uses for this technology. Today, apps and AI programs run everything from recruitment processes to background checks, and now, the relocation industry has a seat at the tech table as well.