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Is Salary History Becoming History? Tackling The New Trend

Many states and cities have now passed laws prohibiting employers from discussing candidates’ salary histories and from relying upon prior compensation in hiring. These so-called “salary history ban” laws may all contain the same general prohibition, but each separately addresses – or fails to address – key issues such as: (1) what happens when a candidate “voluntarily discloses” prior pay – and how “voluntary disclosure” is defined; (2) whether other related questions, such as salary expectations, are off limits or expressly permitted; (3) whether post-offer verification is permissible; and (4) whether questions about vested benefits and compensation that could be forfeited may be permissible. As the trend continues to build steam, employers need to assess how to assess compensation and hiring practices in a world in which salary history is becoming history.

Listen to this livestream to learn:

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The Future of Personality: Reinventing the Way People Interact in Your Organization

Organizations spend time, money and energy on an array of behavioral assessments and training. But does it make a difference? Discover why these sessions get rave reviews, yet overwhelmingly fail to create a lasting impact. You will learn how to infuse personality into your cultural DNA and transform the way people work together. From empty letters to the training methodology itself, we will deconstruct today’s current model and reinvent a new one for the future. Instead of styles and types that reside in short-term memory and only create momentary ‘ahas!’ this session reveals a brain-friendly approach to rewire your employees so the styles trigger at the exact moment they are needed. Reimagine how you can build culture with personality.

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Turn self-awareness into long-term application, not short-term fascination
  • Transition from personality styles training programs that get rave reviews but have little impact to sessions that transform culture
  • Unleash a new way to create an attractive culture that inspires commitment and inclusiveness
  • Heighten organizational emotional intelligence

HOST: Debbie Bolla, Editorial Director, HRO Today

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Three Workforce Solutions to Reduce Costs of Contingent Healthcare Staffing

Throughout the nation, healthcare executives face crisis conditions in the growing shortages of healthcare practitioners, rising reimbursement and regulatory pressures, and an increasingly competitive marketplace. However, the percentage of contingent workers in the healthcare industry continues to grow.

Watch Dan White, President of Strategic Workforce Solutions of AMN Healthcare, and Eric Christenson, President of Vendor Management Solutions (VMS) of AMN Healthcare, discuss three healthcare workforce solutions that provide organizations with multiple benefits:

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Winning Workforce Strategies Webcast, Part Three

Employment Engagement and Recruiting are Related – Find Out How

HR understands the power of first impressions.  One of the most important processes is the hiring, onboarding and orienting of employees – the “candidate experience” – which directly impacts time-to-productivity, employee engagement and retention.

Cory Kruse, president of Orion Novotus, and Katy Theroux, CHRO of the NCI Group, are sharing their expert views in the third part of this webcast series as they discuss:

  • Why are only one-third of candidates saying that communication and interview preparation are adequate?
  • How to determine which talent acquisition metrics really matter today.
  • Why is human interaction continuing to remain the most critical piece in recruiting?

The best workforce strategies are built on bringing in the best talent and deploying them faster with better engagement and productivity.

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