Managing in Crisis

Two companies share how they are adapting their workplace policies to protect their employees and businesses from the impact of COVID-19.

By Simon Kent

The speed at which the coronavirus has moved around the world means that for many HR teams, the work of creating an action plan to protect their people has shifted from the hypothetical to the top priority almost overnight. According to Julie Provino, international HR expert and award-winning CEO and founder of HR consultancy VeryHR, HR teams must now provide support, policies, and frameworks to enable their organisations to act quickly, efficiently, and smoothly -no matter what happens as the situation evolves.

Thinking Ahead

Employing neurodiverse talent can provide a competitive advantage, but this segment of the workforce requires special considerations.

By Simon Kent

Many organisations look to embrace different thinking as a means to attain a competitive edge. Indeed, tech giant Apple’s whole branding strategy at one point was “Think Different.” Today, that mantra has taken on a new meaning as businesses begin to view neurodiversity as the next stop on their diversity and inclusion agenda.

Finding Meaning in Data

A people analytics strategy that draws data from all segments of the business is key to effective workforce planning and management.

By Simon Kent

For such a data-rich function, HR can seem behind the curve when it comes to making the most of the numbers it records about the workforce. But whilst finance and operations may still take the lead on number crunching, it is clear that HR has the potential to tap into its organisational people data to not only to deliver more value, but to demonstrate that value to organisation it serves.

Editor’s Note: Putting People First

By Simon Kent

Like it or not, there are times when HR has to be responsive rather than proactive. The rapid transmission of the coronavirus is without doubt one instance where practically every other agenda item has been put on hold in order to manage a fast-changing situation.