Game On

Gaby Toledano plays by her own rules—and is winning by a landslide. By Kim Shanahan In an industry that changes at the speed of technology, Electronic Arts (EA) keeps ahead of pace through a team of forward-thinking business leaders including its head of human resources and facilities, Gaby Toledano. The HR executive has been with […]

Healthcare Staff Shortages?

Here’s what hospital and healthcare system managers think is happening.   By Susan Salka   Healthcare workforce researchers and analysts have been arguing for the past couple of years over whether a dire physician shortage will materialize as predicted. Similarly, some are expecting a severe nursing shortage, but others insist the shortage may not turn […]

Short Falls

Staff vacancies are perceived high when quality workers are needed the most.   By Susan Salka   Health policy makers and researchers have recently been having a healthy theoretical debate about shortages of nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals. Some predict dire shortfalls over the next two decades, while others question whether they will actually materialize, […]

The Ailing Healthcare Workforce

It’s time to focus on the staffs that will care for patients in the new era.     By Ralph Henderson     Healthcare reform, the biggest transformation in that sector in our nation’s history, is fundamentally a workforce-related initiative. Yet you don’t hear much very much about the healthcare workforce in the national debate […]

Maximizing Human Capital

HR still has a ways to go.   By Russ Banham     What is human resources today—its role, responsibilities, and organizational clout?     For several years running, arguments have been made that HR has a high-level, strategic purpose: Maximizing human capital assets to achieve the organization’s planned goals. In this quest, the head […]

Lucky 21

Drafting the blueprint for a stronger outsourcing industry.   By Hfs Research, the HfS 50 Executive Council, and participating service providers     This spring, a bevy of outsourcing industry power brokers gathered in New York for a defining two-day working session called the HfS Sourcing Blueprint Sessions. The event was mainly a buyer-only session, […]

Fully Integrated Solutions

  There’s a disconnect between providers and practitioners on the functionality of talent management platforms.   By Madeline Laurano     The talent management technology landscape has evolved dramatically over the past few years. Leading organizations are rethinking their current strategies and technology options in order to respond to changing economic conditions. For those organizations […]

A Transformative Experience

When outsourcing, buyers have to calculate the costs and benefits of changing first versus handing off the “mess.”     By Paul Davies     At buyer strategy sessions for HRO, the debate still rages regarding whether it is better to transform internally before outsourcing, or whether it is better to outsource first and then […]

The Integration Imperative

The next generation of HR services will demand connection of the silos.   By Erica Volini and Michael Gretczko     The past few years have been tumultuous for the HRO industry. Deals have failed, providers have exited and organizations have, often times, been left holding the bag. Many have offered predictions on the future […]

Seeking Global HRO Employment?

 Here are five issues to keep in mind when considering a career in the outsourcing industry. Ask prospective employers these tough questions before you make a switch.   By Atul Vashistha   As the outsourcing industry expands, HR and other professionals have employment opportunities to join the hundreds of companies servicing the very companies these […]