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Employers searching for outsourced service providers have a lot of choices—so much so that sometimes the selection process may be overwhelming. Over the years, HRO Today has provided guidance through our Baker’s Dozen and Top Providers listings, which rank providers based on quality of service, breadth of service, and size of deals. These appear in various issues throughout the year: learning outsourcing in the January/February issue (see p. 33); relocation in the May issue; recruitment in the July/August issue; recognition in the September issue; and screening in the November issue. To help buyers more easily find the top vendors, we’ve compiled a listing of the top three for each domain. Although by no means should you limit your considerations to only the ones listed here, we hope this compilation will at least help serve as a starting point. Be sure to check our web site (www.hrotoday.com) for the full listing of top providers for each domain.
Provider: Prudential Relocation, Inc.
Number of Relocations in 2007: 45,000
Ranking: No. 1
Web Address: www.prudential.com/relocation
Description: Prudential Relocation is a full-service global mobility management firm with clients including global Fortune 500 companies, smaller companies, and U.S. government agencies. Prudential Relocation, operating as Pricoa Relocation in Asia and Europe, has locations in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China.

Provider: Cartus
Number of Relocations in 2007: 132,000
Ranking: No. 2
Web Address: www.cartus.com
Description: Cartus serves the corporate, military, government, and affinity markets with outsourcing, consulting, language, and intercultural training and
mobility management support.

Provider: Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. (WRRI)
Number of Relocations in 2007: 28,750
Ranking: No. 3
Web Address: www.wrri.com
Description: Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. (WRRI) offers best-practice services for relocation and assignment management for some of the world’s largest companies to help them avoid inventory, increase employee home sales, enhance mobile workforce management, and reduce program costs.

Provider: The RightThing Inc.
Number of Jobs Filled in 2007: 85,000
Ranking: No. 1
Web Address: www.rightthinginc.com
Description: The RightThing has emerged as one of the most prolific leaders in the RPO marketplace, having secured deals with a number of customers in the past year. Since 2003, the company has won contracts with numerous global enterprises, including Pepsi Bottling Group, Rohm & Haas, and Chubb.
Spherion Recruitment
Number of Jobs Filled in 2007: 42,700
Ranking: No. 2
Web Address: www.spherion.com
Description: Remaining in second place from last year’s rankings, Spherion is one of the largest domestic providers of RPO services. It, too, has enjoyed a strong year, after having signed a number of new contracts.

Provider: PeopleScout
Number of Jobs Filled in 2007: 175,000
Ranking: No. 3
Web Address: www.peoplescout.com
Description: A division of SeatonCorp, which also provides staffing services, PeopleScout reported providing recruitment services for 175,000 annually through various RPO engagements.


Provider: Rideau Recognition Solutions
Number of Employees Served in 2007: 1.6 million
Ranking: No. 1
Web Address: www.rideau.com
Description: Rideau offers a complete suite of traditional and web-based recognition and incentive programs that can scale to any customer size.

Provider: Michael C. Fina
Number of Employees Served in 2007: More than 1 million
Ranking: No. 2
Web Address: www.mcfawards.com
Description: As a family-owned and operated business since 1935, Michael C. Fina provides a multitude of employee recognition programs aimed at increasing engagement, lowering turnover, and improving work/life balance.

Provider: Diamond H Recognition
Number of Employees Served in 2007: More than 1 million
Ranking: No. 3
Web Address: www.diamondh.com
Description: Diamond H Recognition is focused on delivering total recognition solutions to support HR professionals in inspiring and engaging their workforce. It offers a suite of platforms called Inspirus, which was developed to deliver powerful reinforcement, recognition, and reward solutions.

Provider: First Advantage
Number of Screening Services Provided in 2007: 9 million
Ranking: No. 1
Web Address: www.fadv.com/employer
Description: First Advantage provides to hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies a comprehensive suite of talent acquisition solutions specifically designed to help reduce the time and cost associated with recruiting, applicant tracking, screening, and ongoing retention processes.

Provider: Intelius
Number of Screening Services Provided in 2007: 850,000
Ranking: No. 2
Web Address: www.hr.intelius.com
Description: Founded in January 2003 by a group of senior executives with extensive experience and track records in the fields of technology development, engineering, and security, the company offers both enterprise and consumer search services.

Provider: Corporate Screening Services, Inc.
Number of Screening Services Provided in 2007: 300,000
Ranking: No. 3
Web Address: www.CorporateScreening.com
Description: Corporate Screening’s roots can be traced back to 1987, when it specialized in general investigative services. Since then, the company has focused more on employee background investigations.

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