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Case Study: Barton Beers Takes St. Pauli Girl Online

Barton beers incentive program goes online with help from all star incentive marketing.

by HROT Staff

Barton Beers is the number one independent beer importer in the United States and the number two U.S. importer of German beer, the award-winning St. Pauli Girl. In 2000, St. Pauli Girl was recognized as a “Comeback Brand” by Impact Databank. Barton Beers works very closely with its salespeople, suppliers, and nationwide network of approximately 630 distributors. Doing so has helped them achieve a record of brand development success that is unprecedented in their highly competitive industry.

In fact, the growing success of St. Pauli Girl Beer is due in part to Bartons commitment to rewarding the distributor salespeople that sell this product line. Since acquiring the once failing brand in 1992, Barton Beer has used sales- force incentive programs as a key element in their promotional plans.

All Star Incentive Marketing has run the St. Pauli Girl “Girls of Summer” incentive program for nine years. Previous to the 2003 online version, the solution was a “call-in” offline program. When a distributor salesperson gained a new St. Pauli Girl beer placement, they would call and record it on an answering machine. A Barton employee was designated to log these new placement calls. Salespeople were awarded points according to the number of new placements they made. With these points, salespeople redeemed rewards from a catalog.

The new online St. Pauli Girl Girls of Summer incentive program, streamlined the award allocation and redemption processes. Jim Goldie, vice president of the Eastern Division of Barton Beers, noted, “The timesaving benefit of the new incentive program alone has made the transition to an online version worthwhile.”

The new online edition of the program still targets the salespeople at key beer distributors. A total of 33 distributors were targeted to take place in the program and 88 percent participated. Each distributor has between 10 and 30 salespeople, for a total of approximately 600 participants.

The incentive program was communicated via e-mail and through direct contact between key Barton Beers’ personnel and the distributor sales manager. The details of the program were then communicated by the distributor sales manager to the salespeople.

Online participation was higher than previous offline involvement by a factor of nearly two to one. Weekly e-mails from the division office helped promote the program. Also, e-mails and phone calls from the respective regional managers were used to support the divisions communication. To facilitate measuring and tracking the program’s progress and success, distributors completed a tracking form.

The goal of the online program was to increase distribution of St. Pauli Girl beer packages by 4,000 new placements by providing incentives to key volume distributors in the Eastern Division. The challenge of the program was to increase secondary packages, to increase in-store presence and full-line sales.

Salespeople accumulated one to four award points per placement depending on the type of placement and number of facings. At the end of the program, points were totaled and participants were given an award code to access one of seven award levels. The more points a participant had, the higher the award level they were designated. In addition, the top two salespeople who earned the most total points were awarded a bonus Panasonic 32″ TV for their salesrooms.

The transition of the St. Pauli Girl program from a printed catalog to an online format was extremely successful, exceeding the programs goals with approximately 400 award winners and more than 4,000 new St. Pauli Girl Beer placements.  

Goldie noted, “The type of products that All Star offers as awards is one key to this programs success. At each level, the brand name products are memorable and motivating.”   

All Star Incentive Marketing and Barton Beer Inc. are already planning for the next online edition of the Girls of Summer incentive program. Heidi Chatfield, marketing communications manager at All Star, commented, The online solution process enables us to evaluate programs in action, making it easier for all involved to adjust an existing program and prepare for the next. This type of proactive analysis is a major benefit to all involved.

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Case Study: Long Live Employee Recgnition

After 4 years, this partnership is still as strong as a sabre’s tooth.

by HROT Staff

As a leader in the travel marketplace, Sabre Holdings offers retailtravel products, distribution, and technology solutions for the travelindustry. The company supports travelers, travel agents, corporations,and travel suppliers around the world through its three companies:Travelocity, Sabre Travel Network, and Sabre Airline Solutions.

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Buck Consultants to Provide Total Rewards Assessment for Commonwealth of Virginia

ACS Signs Significant New Business in Commonwealth of Virginia With Buck Subsidiary 

DALLAS, Aug 30, 2005 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ — Buck Consultants, an ACS company and one of the world’s leading human resource and benefits consulting firms, announced today that it has been selected by the State Corporation Commission (SCC) of the Commonwealth of Virginia to provide a total rewards assessment. Total rewards include cash compensation, employee benefits, and work/life balance programs

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Utix and PMG Launch ‘Promotainment’

Promotional Programs Will Feature Movie Studio Content, Fun Movie Graphic Collectibles and Utix Movie Tickets

BURLINGTON, Mass., Aug. 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Utix Group, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: UTXG – News), the leader in prepaid gift ticket experiences, today announced in collaboration with PMG that the companies have developed an innovative, in-theatre cross-promotional campaign designed to drive consumer brand awareness to new heights for their Fortune 500 clients

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Duke Energy Inks HRO Contract with Hewitt

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Duke Energy today announced that Hewitt Associates, a global human resources services firm, has been selected to provide comprehensive HR back-office administrative services to the companys U

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PwC: Almost All Fast-Growth Companies Outsourcing HR Functions

PricewaterhouseCoopers Trendsetter Barometer interviewed CEOs of 360 privately held product and service companies identified in the media as being among the fastest growing U

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NY HR Week 2005 Trumps Expectations – Up 32% to 3710 Registered Attendees

HR Executives In Record Numbers Attend HR Conference —

Top Issues Include Outsourcing, Diversity, Benefits & Technology

Milford, CT,April 20, 2005 NY HR Weeks conference directors today released recordattendee totals for the 2005 NY HR Week held April 12-14, 2005 at the New YorkHilton, making it the nations second largest HR event. Registered attendeestotaled 3,710, with conference attendees numbering 706.  The totals represented a 32% increase overthe 2004 totals, and included a record 106 media attendees.

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Hewitt Associates to Provide HR BPO Services to PepsiCo

Firm Continues Growth of HR BPO Business, Signing Eighth Deal Since Close of Hewitt and Exult Merger

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. — Hewitt Associates (NYSE: HEW), a global human resources services firm, announced today that it will provide comprehensive HR business process outsourcing (BPO) services to PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP), a world leader in convenient foods and beverages. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Under a ten-year agreement, Hewitt will provide HR BPO services in the U

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All-Access Recognition

Sophisticated recognition programs are no longer just for the big boys.

by John Mills

New Web-based programs now make it simple for any organization to offer the best in rewards, regardless of size.


Recognizing and rewarding employees is an important way to reduce employee disengagement and turnover. Indeed, employee recognition and reward programs have become an increasingly strategic element for many major corporations.


Whether you have 50 employees or 50,000, the rationale behind a meaningful recognition program is clear. Study after study has shown that satisfied employees tend to be more productive and less likely to leave their jobs for other opportunities. Which begs the question, What keeps employees satisfied with their jobs? Equitable wages and a complete benefits package are certainly important factors. But employees also have consistently ranked receiving recognition for their work as one of the top reasons for staying in their present job.


From a company perspective, establishing a good recognition program can go a long way to improving employee morale and performance, which most often leads to improved productivity and improved profits.


Small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large organizations alike understand that establishing and maintaining a good recognition and reward strategy takes a lot of planning and implementation. The proper infrastructure to support ongoing recognition programs can be complex and expensive.


But while most large organizations have already established formal recognition programs, SMEs have tended to shy away from the practice. It is simply too costly in terms of infrastructure and manpower to set up and maintain a program with a dedicated staff. Moreover, SMEs simply arent large enough to be cost-effectively served by the leading outsourced recognition providers. With the introduction of Web-based solutions, everything has changed.


The latest trend in the recognition industry is the move towards easy-to-use, self-managed Web-based recognition and reward programs that are enabling large and small organizations alike to optimize their recognition investment simply by connecting their existing infrastructure (such as employee databases) to an online recognition solution provider. By outsourcing to an online recognition solution provider, it is now surprisingly inexpensive to develop and run a highly effective recognition and reward strategy. Thanks to the advances in Web programming and technology, its also conceivable for an SME to have their recognition program, including a customized Web page, up and running within an hour.


When a state-of-the-art Web interface enables you to develop a customized recognition program and Web page (complete with your corporate branding) within a matter of minutes, it is easy to see how online solutions are taking all the grunt work out of the process while providing a host of other benefits.


A clear benefit of the outsourced recognition solution is that one individual within an organization, rather than a dedicated team, can administer the process. But the benefits dont stop there. An integrated Web-based solution can be linked to existing employee data in your organizations database, or in the databases of your payroll provider. By linking the employees hiring date to the recognition program, organizations can ensure that employees are automatically acknowledged for their service. And if your organization also allows managers to reward deserving employees for achievements on a regular basis, a points-based system can be established that will allow employees to accumulate points to purchase the gift items they really want, rather than something their managers have chosen for them.


Another key benefit of an outsourced solution is access to a much wider range of employee rewards. Items ranging from e-cards to golf clubs can be grouped into categories, which enables an organization to control material expenditures while still providing managers and employees latitude in selecting an appropriate reward. And since an external provider runs the program, you avoid the hassle of maintaining an inventory of reward items. Often, items can be shipped within hours of placing the order, making the ordering process painless for both the employee and the administrator.


With any outsourced project, the litmus test in measuring success is how much value it brings to the organization. Outsourced recognition clearly delivers value in terms of maximizing a recognition strategy at minimum cost. In the end, however, the greatest benefit to your organization will be a happy, productive, and loyal workforce that is willing to go the extra mile to support your business.  

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