Case Study: Achieving Immediate ROI with Web-Based Learning Solutions

Web-based training leads to cost and time savings for Illinois-based health care group.

by Diane Marsh

SwedishAmerican Health System, a not-for-profit, locally governed health care group headquartered in Rockford, IL, serves 12 counties in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Hospitals around the country are struggling to meet the ever-growing mandates on the health care system. In addition to internal policies, SwedishAmerican must also follow the regulations set by governing bodies such as HIPAA and JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations).

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Lessons Learned

A One-on-one with Doug Harward, CEO and managing partner of The Exceleration Group and founder of TrainingOutsourcing.com, and some surprising T&D Stats.

by HROT Staff

TrainingOutsourcing.com is the online home for the business strategy and outsourcing learning community. It delivers the latest on relevant business issues, processes, and practices as well as provide up-to-date news, trends, and research within the training industry.

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The People You Associate with Can Help with Your HR Goals

Why is the HROA an important organization to know in your outsourcing endeavors? For companies serious about HRO, read on about the reasons.

by Sharon Taylor

I am extremely pleased to step into my new role as chair of the Human Resources Outsourcing Association (HROA), following in the able footsteps of our former chairman and now chairman-emeritus, Glenn Davidson. The hard work that Glenn and the members of the board have done in building the association over these past few years has established the HROA as a well-respected and growing organization.

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Case Study: A Training Investment that Leads to Numerous Strategic Rewards

How Shared Technologies Inc. and Global Knowledge teamed to motivate, train, and keep the right employees.

by Tony Parella

Like many other companies, Shared Technologies, a provider of installation and maintenance services for telecom customer premise equipment, had been through years of turmoil, layoffs, and cultural changes. Multiple acquisitions and drastic corporate changes had taken a toll on morale, resulting in an uncertain corporate climate and a perception of job insecurity. As a result, employee loyalty was low, and turnover rates were high. Shared Technologies found itself investing significant resources in training programs for its service technicians, who, once trained, would leave for a competitor.  

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Case Study: Improving Sales Knowledge with a New Approach to Training

Autodesk and Intrepid Learning Solutions collaborate to reach sales goals. Efforts lead to quicker knowledge transfer.


As the fifth largest PC software company in the world with more than six million users, Autodesk, a diversified software company, has more than 1,700 channels with a broad international reach and local market expertise. In recent years, Autodesk’s lifecycle management has led to an increased need for channel partner sales and technical training.

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Sisters of Mercy Health System Selects GeoLearning’s Hosted LMS Suite for 3-Year Learning Services Contract

 WEST DES MOINES, IOWA, November 22, 2005 — GeoLearning, Inc., the leading provider of Managed Learning Services and hosted learning platforms, announced today that Sisters of Mercy Health System (Mercy) has selected the GeoMaestro Learning Management Suite to deliver training content to its 26,000 co-workers as part of a 3-year learning services contract.
The contract was established in collaboration with BearingPoint, a leading management consulting and systems integration firm and GeoLearning business development partner.
Sisters of Mercy Health System, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, will implement the GeoLearning solution in support of training needs associated with the “Genesis Project,” an enterprise-wide work process and technology transformation effort. The GeoMaestro LMS platform will provide Mercy with learning management capabilities for all training activities related to work process changes and information system implementations that are part of the Genesis Project.
GeoLearning’s award-winning Software as a Service model means the GeoMaestro platform is delivered entirely over the Internet, eliminating all the headaches, hassles and risks associated with traditional hardware and software implementations. The Internet-hosted learning management platform enables organizations to capture, create, manage and share knowledge to improve workforce productivity, accelerate critical business processes, and drive organizational performance. The system centralizes and automates the entire learning management process, making the administration of enterprise learning and development both effective and efficient.
In addition to the GeoMaestro learning management platform, Sisters of Mercy Health System will also deploy the following GeoLearning modules:
·         Dynamic Reporting Engine to provide the ability to transform raw LMS data into actionable analysis and meaningful business measurements.
·         Learning Content Management System (LCMS) to author and deploy custom learning content.
·         MyPlan Competency Management Tool to track and manage individual employee
development plans.
·         Web-based Class & Event Scheduler to manage traditional instructor-led training.

GeoLearning will also provide Internet hosting, security and maintenance services, vendor management, professional services, and 24×7 Help Desk support for Mercy employees and administrators as part of the 3-year learning services contract.

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Can 29,000 HR Professionals Be Wrong?

Brockbank and Ulrich’s compelling work defines HR and its value, but book fails to address the role of management.

by Matt DeLuca

During the SHRM Conference, I promised a dedicated column to one book brought to my attention while there: “The HR Value Proposition” by Wayne Brockbank and David Ulrich. The book is the result of research they conducted over 18 years with data gathered from more than 29,000 HR professionals and line managers. They raise some thought-provoking ideas that all HR professionals should ponder. You may not agree with all they say (I don’t, as you will see below), but what they say should command our attention in an effort to be more effective and successful HR professionals.

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Leading into the Future: Lessons Learned from the Global Leadership Development Survey

The subject of leadership goes to the root of organized human behavior.  Throughout history, no great endeavor has been accomplished without leadership.  Since 1988 when HRI began conducting its major issues surveys of many of the top companies in the world, leadership has been ranked among the top five issues and is expected to remain a top issue 10 years into the future.  But leaders don’t spring into the world fully formed.  They need to be trained and developed, whatever their natural talents. 
In July, 2005 The American Management Association (AMA) and the Human Resource Institute (HRI) conducted a global leadership development survey with over 1,500 responses from managers and HR experts around the world.   The findings address three 3 key questions:
·         the drivers of change that have an impact on leadership
·         the elements of organizational culture most necessary for effective leadership development
·         the leadership competencies most important today and in the next 10 years?
At this free webcast, Jay Jamrog, Executive Director, Human Resource Institute (HRI) and Ed Reilly, CEO/President, American Management Association (AMA) will discuss the survey results and how companies both large and small can change their leadership development programs to develop the best talent.


Monday, November 7, 2005
12:00 – 1:00 pm EST
Complimentary – No cost

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Intrepid to Provide Microsoft’s MSN Division with Outsourced Training Services

(Seattle, Washington – October 18, 2005) Intrepid Learning Solutions, Inc. has been awarded a multi-year contract to provide the MSN Division at Microsoft Corp. with outsourced training services for its sales team designed to help support the growth of MSN.

“Effective training is key to enabling us to meet our sales team’s strategic business objectives,” said Stephen Kim, director of Sales Research at MSN. “We chose Intrepid because it is experienced, responsive and has a great track record of creating and supporting training solutions that enable business success.”

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