Workforce Management

Another Day, Another Difficulty 

Some HR leaders are finding it hard to guide a workforce that’s ever-changing. 

By Zee Johnson 

Workplace changes seem to be accelerating, and HR leaders are having a hard time keeping up.  

Oracle’s new study found that 90% of HR leaders find it increasingly difficult to navigate constant change and say they are struggling most with: 

  • attracting and retaining top talent (37%); 
  • reskilling their workforce (34%); and  
  • keeping up with high employee expectations (31%)  

And whilst leaders have their concerns, employees do, too. In fact, current economic uncertainty is topping the list. 

Fifty per cent of employees said they were worried about job stability and 61% said they were afraid they would have to reduce their standard of living. But with that, 89% also said they would leave a job that did not meet their expectations, even during a recession.  

Employees are also saying: 

  • they want a pay raise to counterbalance inflation (65%); 
  • they want flexible work options (40%); and 
  • they are looking for more learning and development opportunities (34%).  

Staying abreast of workplace adjustments and employee expectations can be a monumental task even for the most seasoned leaders, but Siobhan Wilson, UK country leader at Oracle, said in the survey that organisations can turn to tech to make the feat less daunting. 

“Technology can take away repetitive admin and giving personalised recommendations for career growth so that HR teams can spend their time focused on what matters most,” she said. 



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