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Leadership: The Heart of HR

chief human resources officer
Meet the 2016 CHRO of the Year and Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year Award finalists who are bringing their teams to triumph.
By Christa Elliott

Outstanding CHROs and talent acquisition leaders will be recognised and celebrated for their efforts and achievements with the Chief HR Officer of the Year and Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year Awards during the HRO Today Forum EMEA on 9 November, 2016.

This year marks the second annual CHRO of the Year EMEA Awards—this honour goes to a CHRO with the ability to adapt to a constantly changing and challenging business environment whilst delivering the people skills companies need. At HRO Today, we value the importance of CHROs as they drive workforce initiatives through innovation and with results.

The TA Leader of the Year award represents the role that talent plays as a critical organisational asset. The leaders who drive talent initiatives are directly responsible for attracting and retaining top performers, and therefore deserve to be recognised for their important contributions to their organisations by and large.

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On the Horizon

HR Outsourcing

Diverse recruiting challenges that perceptive HR executives will need to tackle in Asia.

By Belinda Sharr

In Asia, which is comprised of nearly 50 different countries, talent acquisition can be a serious challenge. Cultural differences, new technology, and frequent employee turnover can influence the effectiveness of engagement and retention strategies in a highly competitive market. HR executives who stay ahead of future trends and predictions, however, will be able to conquer these challenges and develop an efficient system for hiring and keeping top performers.

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Going Global with Talent Acquisition Management

Yvette Stortz

How a major corporation’s VP of talent acquisition leads worldwide recruitment efforts.

By Christa Elliott

Schneider Electric has more than 185,000 employees across more than 100 countries—and Yvette Stortz, the company’s global vice president of talent acquisition and mobility, oversees the talent acquisition function for all of them. Her leadership has not only reduced headhunter reliance for executive recruitment in half, but also brought recruitment agency use down to less than 2 per cent for North America and produced similar numbers globally.

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Brexit: Now What?

HR Outsourcing

As the U.K. looks at an unprecedented time for employment, one expert offers tips on how to handle workforce issues.

By The Editors

With the recent Brexit (British exit) from the European Union (EU), HR teams and employers in the U. K. now have to determine how to handle multiple issues with their employees. Similarly, HR teams in other parts of the EU need to handle any changes that will affect them as well.

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Sticking to the Rules

HR Outsourcing

New EU data privacy rules will affect recruitment across borders. Here’s how to ensure compliance.
By Seb O’Connell

Imagine an employer receives a tip regarding a talented individual residing in Europe who might be a good fit for an open position at their organisation. The tip includes an individual’s name, mobile phone number, address, personal email address, and gender. The source did not receive express written permission to send this information, but was simply trying to do the employer— and the individual—a favour.

Or, as another example, someone who sits in a U.K organisation (that operates across the globe), has access to a database of contact information for employees worldwide. Staff from outside Europe also has access to this database to conduct regular business.

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Managing Global Mobility

HR Outsourcing

How organisations can better align relocation with talent management strategy.

By Christa Elliott

In today’s competitive business environment, mobility is more than just relocating employees to new markets. It means creating a global business plan around the drivers and goals for annual relocations—and looks beyond the bottom line in terms of measuring the efficiency of mobility programmes.

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Editor’s Letter: Looking Ahead

By Belinda Sharr

The future of HR is both uncertain and exciting. We can anticipate change, but we really don’t know what the coming years will bring.Technology constantly develops, and so more HR leaders turn to new ways to recruit, retain, and manage employees in a tech-savvy world.

We at HRO Today Global strive to keep you ahead of the knowledge curve. We are always looking to the future, observing trends, and informing our readers on what they need to know in order to be effective people officers. We also recognise that you may need additional assistance with some time-consuming areas of HR, which is where our annual Global Resource Guide can help. We have lists of hundreds of providers in recruiting, payroll, technology, and more that can help you with your HR needs—now and in the future.

We also believe in education. We hope you will attend (or are possibly reading this very issue at) our HRO Today Forum EMEA on 8-10 November, 2016 in Edinburgh, Scotland. This three-day conference promises to cover topics that those in the industry need to be aware of whilst providing opportunities to network with your like-minded peers who are successfully navigating the HR landscape. Don’t miss exciting and future-forward sessions like “How HR can Build a Vision on Applying Disruptive Technology,” “Tomorrow’s World Today: Competing in the Age of Quests,” and “Learning Transformation: The View is Worth the Climb.” See friends and colleagues as they are honored during the HRO Today Awards Gala, and discuss strategies and skills with them at the HR Topic Tables.

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CEO’s Letter: Any Given Sunday

Elliot Clark
Why Al Pacino understands RPO better than many buyers.
In the steroid-pumping NFL film, Any Given Sunday, Al Pacino plays a top NFL coach who gives a stirring speech to his locker room of alpha-male football players saying, “On any given Sunday, you’re going to win or you’re going to lose.” He goes on to tie success into personal resolve and “manhood.” Feminist complaints aside, that speech should be given by every CEO in the RPO Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Survey Enterprise List to their teams. But the truth is that practitioners need to embrace its message more than providers. There is a bizarre and unexplainable fascination with the top five!
We don’t understand it at HRO Today Global. There are 13 companies on the list and on any given Sunday, any of them could beat any other provider for a particular deal. We give HR and procurement a lot of data to match the size and scope of the needs of their deal and to help them pick to whom they should submit RFPs. Yet the buy side insists that any of the companies at the top of the list can perform any deal regardless of size and industry. Let’s step aside from top five for a moment and just look at one through 10. No. 10 is the venerable IBM Kenexa Recruitment Services—one of the pioneers of the RPO service offering (full disclosure: they’re my alma mater). Does being below number five mean that they are not big enough to do your deal? After all, they are just part of a company nicknamed ” BLUE”. Can you fill in the blank?

The RPO industry is rife with opportunity and considerable growth. If you look at the list, some companies are stronger in one hemisphere or industry than another, but all are global, and all are of very high quality. Another example, Randstad Sourceright, in the heat of an effort to globalize their client delivery, drops out of their typical top-five spot this year because clients get anxious during periods of change. Randstad Sourceright has very high raw customer service scores, but it is transitioning to expand offerings on a truly global platform that will improve its customer delivery. This one company may have equal revenue to any other two providers combined. We will feature one of its biggest deals in our upcoming HRO Today December issue as a cover story. But it never occurs to us that because they are not in the top five, they are unworthy of a cover.

WilsonHCG, as another example, focuses on the hardest to fill and most strategic positions but ignores deal size in search of a certain kind of deal they can do very well. Seven Step provides recruiter training to corporations and other RPO firms; PeopleScout handles some of the largest programs in the industry; and Cielo is a top provider in the healthcare industry—one of the hardest verticals in RPO—and ranks second overall.

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HRO Today 2017 Resource Guide

HRO Today Resource Guide

We know that the readers of HRO Today magazine turn to us as a go-to resource in the HR industry that delivers trends, insights, and the top resources for all of their HR operations and service needs. In our annual resource guide, we aim to showcase providers and product vendors across 18 sectors of HR services.

Here, you will find providers of everything from recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) to benefits administration and multi-process HRO, not to mention a treasure trove of HR technology, consulting services, and other ancillary products.

We hope that our 2017 Resource Guide will serve you well as a starting point in your search for appropriate vendors.

View the 2017 Resource Guide here

Engage, Lead, and Learn – Get Involved Today: HRO Today STA Update

HRO Today Zachary Misko

The HRO Today Services and Technology Association (HROSTA) is a global association of HR executives, thought leaders, and industry experts working in roles as practitioners, providers, and analysts to participate in conversations, set industry standards and practices and network with others in HR technology and services.

Because we have an active membership community, we provide opportunities for all of our members to get involved in the association and set its course for the future. Our association gives opportunities to network, learn, and develop standards and practices within HR(O). Our member committees provide a forum to ensure that we can better sustain momentum on membership activities and outputs, as well as provide additional roles to engage, lead, and learn.

Each committee is led by a chair or co-chairs, one board of advisor and a member; members who express interest will become member chairs in September. Membership in committees is open to all current association members. The committees will provide each member the chance to become more engaged in the association and help us focus on our strategic initiatives for the year. This is a great way for multiple people in your organizations to get involved in setting standards and practices within the industry, network, and participate in the association.

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