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Tech Matters

techmattersA new report outlines how HR platforms are improving user experience and business outcomes.

By Maribeth Sivak and Debora Card

HR executives are mainly seeking an improved user experience through the implementation of new HR technologies, outsourcing, and shared services models. This is the main theme from Information Services Group’s (ISG) recent Industry Trends in Human Resources Technology and Service Delivery survey that explored the changing landscape of HR technology and service delivery.

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Data Driving Decisions

A new report captures four key metrics that promote better performance.

By Ranjan Dutta, Scott Pollak, and Kristina Dunphy
Market demand for workforce analytics is on the rise as business leaders increasingly recognize that the right talent is critical to bringing business strategies to life. Equally important is the ability to access and analyze the right information to support talent-related business decisions. This is often easier said than done.

Many HR departments are beginning to recognize that delivering the right insights at the right time requires the creation of a new competency—one that incorporates the development of new workforce analytics deliverables. In order for an organization to produce these deliverables, they will need to have the tools and technology to create them and an approach to boost usage and adoption.

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Not-So-Hidden Treasure

Today’s global payroll data far exceeds gold coins. Leverage it correctly, and you’ll gain valuable insight on how to manage your workforce.

By Sheri Sullivan

As business continues to become more competitive, organizations look for any advantage they can use to get ahead. One advantage can be found in data. The copious amounts of data organizations create on a daily basis can help them better understand their costs, revenues, and operating processes, and determine where improvements can be made.

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