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Inclusivity Essential for LGBTQ+ Job Seekers

Research from Indeed and The Harris Poll finds that LGBTQ+ job seekers—and particularly transgender individuals—believe it’s important to work for an organization that supports the LGBTQ+ community, according to research from Indeed and The Harris Poll. As many as 30% of LGBTQ+ people in general and 50% of transgender job seekers surveyed say they have refused to apply for a position due to the company’s lack of support for LGBTQ+ issues.  

This is especially high among 35 to 44-year-olds (39%), Hispanic people (46%), those with a household income above $100,000 per year (44%), and those who have previously felt discriminated against in the workforce (42%), the research finds.  

The study finds that LGBTQ+ employees would not want to work for companies that: 

  • have a history of LGBTQ+ discrimination lawsuits (48%); 
  • have strong religious beliefs that shape its culture and employee relations (44%); 
  • have negative online reviews about LGBTQ+ treatment (43%); 
  • have limited beliefs about LGBTQ+ employees (36%); 
  • are in states without strong protections for LGBTQ+ people (33%); 
  • lack supportive policies surrounding LGBTQ+ employees (32%); and 
  • lack LGBTQ+ representation (24%).  

Employees with a household income of less than $50,000 per year are more concerned about negative online reviews, while those with incomes about $100,000 per year are more concerned about internal policies surrounding LGBTQ+ people, the study finds.  

The research also reveals that transgender employees are largely happy with the benefits offered by their current company, including health insurance coverage that includes mental health benefits (33%), health insurance that covers gender-affirming care (46%), inclusive parental leave policies (47%), health insurance for domestic partners (38%), relocation support for those living in states with anti-LGBTQ+ laws (38%), and family planning and fertility benefits (33%).  

Interestingly, transgender employees are more likely than others to say their company offers these benefits. 

More than half (52%) of LGBTQ+ employees say their company offers an employee resource group (ERG) for LGBTQ+ people. This is particularly prevalent in companies that already have supportive policies (66%), LGBTQ+ representation in leadership (75%), DEI training (66%), and gender-inclusive facilities (70%).  

Participation is highest among transgender employees (97%), and 41% of LGBTQ+ people are very satisfied with their company’s ERG.  

Approximately 39% of LGBTQ+ employees say their company communicates more about LGBTQ+ offerings and statements of support during Pride month. Companies that communicate more during Pride are more likely to have LGBTQ+ supportive policies (46%), representation in leadership (48%), an LGBTQ+ ERG (54%), DEI training (47%), and gender-inclusive facilities (47%).  

Having an LGBTQ+ inclusive policy in the workplace is essential to 17% of LGBTQ+ employees and very important to 40% of others. These supportive policies can involve a variety of different tactics, the report finds. These include: 

  • public statements about LGBTQ+ rights (42%); 
  • visible symbols of inclusion (35%); 
  • leadership support for LGBTQ+ people (33%); 
  • support from management (31%); and 
  • gender-inclusive facilities (31%).  
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