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This issue’s cover story tackles HR and AI, and asks the question that’s on everyone’s mind: What’s next? HR continues to make some headwinds with its use of AI, but there’s a long way to go. A recent HRO Today research report, sponsored by Sevenstep, finds that 81% of respondents leverage the technology in a basic way and don’t consider their approach advanced, involving capabilities like predictive analytics, forecasts for talent needs, or deep insight.

The study, Confidence Grows in AI Support of HR Priorities, has some other interesting findings. Keep in mind, for this research, AI in HR and TA referred to the application of advanced technologies, including machine learning, natural language processing, data analytics, and other AI techniques to improve tasks, decision-making, and overall workforce management. 

AI is mainly aiding with recruitment with 42% of respondents says sourcing talent is their top AI application. The technology allows recruiters to easily candidate match with the skills needed for roles. Data reporting was next for usage, with 40% of respondents in agreement.

Looking ahead, 71% of respondents report plans to leverage AI for predictive analytics and reporting between now and in the next three years. Some AI platforms have the ability to analyze employee data to identify patterns, like promotions and turnover rates. In the cover story, Trent Henry, global vice chair of talent at EY, says that AI can play a critical role in workforce planning, pinpointing skills gaps so HR and TA leaders can get ahead. Coming in second was evaluating candidates with 62% in agreement.

The report also asked HR leaders if the information they receive from their AI platform has made them more confident in their decisions. Findings show that HR leaders’ confidence in AI data is increasing. A significant majority (79%) of respondents report improved confidence in their decision-making due to the use of AI technologies.

With confidence growing, perhaps what’s next for AI is unlimited.

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