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The Importance of Recruiter Training: How to Hire the Best Talent for Your Organization

Today, recruiters are more than just recruiters. They not only find and hire key talent but also shape the candidate experience and promote their company’s brand. But how well they do their jobs depends largely on their training, and a lack of effective recruiter training will make hard-to-fill and volume hiring impossible.

Providing recruiters with comprehensive, ongoing training around company culture, sourcing and social networking while using the latest tools and technologies will enable recruiters to find qualified candidates more efficiently.

HRO Today‘s new research report, presented by Sevenstep, “The Importance of Recruiter Training: How to Hire the Best Talent for Your Organization,” can help you pinpoint these themes within your own training efforts.

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HR and Hiring Managers: Where They Differ and Agree on TA Performance

How do the opinions of HR and hiring managers vary regarding TA processes?

In a time when worldwide unemployment rates are reaching historic lows, recruiters are under increasing pressure to fill positions quickly. Hiring managers, faced with their own challenges, are not always the most sympathetic partners in the hiring process. But how do they really feel about the state of recruiting in their company? How do HR recruiters’ opinions about the internal hiring process vary from opinions of the hiring managers, and how do both groups feel about each other and the support of their mutual goals?

Key takeaways from this report include:

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