Allegis Global Solutions helped a large, multi-national client streamline and standardise its global hiring process.

By Marta Chmielowicz

When Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) first started its relationship with an internationally renowned banking institution that operates across 60 countries worldwide, the recruitment partner faced several critical challenges.

Among the most significant setbacks was the client’s disjointed recruitment model that relied on various suppliers with multiple billings and contracts, inconsistent paperwork, and fees (often at a premium). To make things worse, there was no consistency in the process of engaging talent: screening standards were inconsistent, mandatory trainings were not completed, the organisation was unable to clearly track its talent metrics, and offboarding processes were not monitored. This put pressure on line managers whilst exposing the company to data leaks and bad hires.

The AGS team embarked on its client’s transformation journey by educating itself on the fundamental issues the bank was facing, including regulatory, financial, compliance, privacy and security, global screening policies, certifications, onboarding processes, and more. As the team built new streamlined workflows, it focused on growing relationships with line managers to assess new working processes, eliminate unnecessary steps, implement digital tools, and enforce best practices.

AGS began with the implementation of an MSP programme, creating a standardised global process for engaging flexible talent that resulted in fewer paperwork errors, uniformity in processes, and quick results. With less time spent on managing suppliers, line managers could concentrate on business growth.

In 2019, the partnership expanded to include the remaining business segment that the client was covering in-house -hiring for IT and professional services in India -and today, AGS fully manages the end-to-end talent and workforce management function for the bank. The team has transformed multiple siloed recruitment functions into a standardised global hiring process -something rarely seen for international corporations -delivering cost savings, performance improvement, and a positive candidate and user experience.

This successful partnership resulted in delivery models that were talent-centric, deployed holistically, technology-enabled, aligned to line managers’ needs, and can be scaled rapidly for efficiency -earning AGS the honour of this year’s HRO Today Association Recruitment Team of the Year Award.

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