How technology and onboarding drive performance metrics.

By Debbie Bolla

Data is a crucial piece in an effective talent acquisition and management strategy. Andrew Brown, global head of RPO, partners, and alliances for Lumesse, says today’s tech platforms provide a holistic view of talent, allowing organizations to pinpoint where their approaches are working and areas for improvement.

“Traditional metrics like time to hire, time to fill, and source effectiveness are still relevant, but we have seen a shift in things organizations are looking for,” he says.

Time to productivity and performance are becoming a larger focus. When filling a role or project, talent teams are looking to find the right person to do it, as quickly and as effectively as possible. Once on board, organizations are now focusing on productivity and performance in the first 180 days. “Organizations are trying to improve the level of worker they hired,” says Brown.

The process of onboarding is often being redesigned in order to elevate this metric. “We are also seeing a shift in onboarding of candidates,” says Brown, to help track this. “Technology is a large factor in supporting this.”

With better onboarding tools, organizations can see an increase in participation rates and earlier employee connection and engagement. Plus with administrative requirements out of the way, new hires will start their journey to productivity even sooner. In fact, Urban Bound reports organizations with a standard onboarding process experience 50 percent greater new hire productivity.

“When hiring new employees, organizations are always looking for ways to get the best return in investment and one of the main ways is to ensure employees stay in the organization as long as possible to retain those skills,” explains Brown.

Analytics are key to this process and understanding top performers. Brown says the next step in this journey will be predictive analytics so that organizations are best prepared to anticipate and fill talent gaps.

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