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VR In a Virtual World

Virtual reality tech provides a more realistic experience than ever before, allowing the opportunity for increased collaboration and higher learner retention.

By Debbie Bolla

To be a successful customer experience representative for Verizon, candidates must have a bevy of both soft and hard skills in their arsenal. In addition to solution-finding and technical skills, they need to have the ability to be a good listener and be compassionate in order to achieve business goals. These traits are often not easy to develop through traditional training practices. Here is where virtual reality (VR) comes in.

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Making the Grade

If 2020 was a test, HR technology passed with flying colors.

By Stacey Cadigan

If there was ever an examination of the value of the HR function as a whole—and the value HR technology can add to an enterprise—it’s been the past 12 months. More than a year into the COVID-19 crisis, HR teams have had to contend with a host of people and policy issues in a workplace that has been radically changed by the pandemic. Cloud-based HR and other technologies have played an important role in helping enterprises survive. In fact, one could say HR technology finally came of age and made the grade in the midst of this crisis.

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A New Approach to TA

Turkcell’s digital process has revolutionised recruitment for early career talent.

By Marta Chmielowicz

Turkcell, the leading mobile phone operator in Turkey, realised that empowering today’s youth is critical to laying the groundwork for a more sustainable future. By engaging recent graduates and early career talent, the company tapped into a promising talent pool—a prospect that was especially enticing given that Turkey has the highest proportion of youth in the EU, with nearly half of its population under the age of 31.

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Getting Digital Transformation Right

Organisations on a tech-driven journey will need strong leadership at the helm to succeed.

By Marta Chmielowicz

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated digital transformation in the workplace, forcing people and employers alike to embrace virtual tools in nearly every aspect of life. Whilst this has allowed employees to remain connected in a time of extreme uncertainty, some organisations are struggling to keep pace with the technology breakthroughs.

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Pushing the Right Buttons

In the new world of work, three drivers of employee engagement have emerged: connection, well-being, and feedback.

By Marta Chmielowicz

The obstacles of 2020 tested the business world in unimaginable ways, reshaping the way people live, work, and relate to each other—potentially for the better. According to Qualtrics’ 2021 Employee Experience Trends Report, employee engagement has actually increased since the pandemic began, from 53% in November 2019 to 66% in November 2020.

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Data-Driven Diversity

Organizations need to look at the numbers in order to turn D&I commitments into impactful change.

By E.J. Marin

According to a new report from McKinsey & Company, it may take 95 years for Black employees to reach parity in management positions if there is no change to the current promotion, attrition, and hiring rates in the U.S. In the past year, diversity, equity, and inclusion have become major topics of conversation as COVID-19’s disparate health impact on people of color, the pandemic’s outsized negative economic effects on women in the workforce, and the rise of Black Lives Matter protests made disparities glaringly clear.

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HR Tech Fares Well in 2020

The circumstances of COVID-19 are driving learning, virtual, and employee engagement technology investment.

By Larry Basinait

While the economy was slowed by COVID-19 in the fourth quarter of 2020, the development of new HR technologies continued at a rapid pace. In total, there were 127 major announcements—those with at least $1 million in funding—up substantially from the 77 announced in the third quarter of 2020. Private equity and venture capital firms continued to invest heavily in HR technology, totaling $1.02 billion in the quarter, down 13.3% from $1.18 billion in the third quarter. The average investment declined from $26.0 million to $16.5 million.

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Tech for Today and Tomorrow

Recruitment and onboarding technologies are making headway in the post-COVID business world.

By Simon Kent

As time passes, it is becoming increasingly apparent which areas of HR will remain transformed by the technology that was introduced to cope with the challenges of the global pandemic. Whilst HR as a whole has been impacted by the experience, the front end of candidate recruitment and management is a prime area where new practices could stick.

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By the Numbers

Effective data collection, storage, and analysis is critical to future business success.

By Simon Kent

As the pandemic took hold of workplaces across EMEA, organisations found it necessary to shift every aspect of their business online. HR was among the departments where data had to be digitised, ensuring people information was accessible to all who needed it. The move to digital has emphasised two connected learning points for businesses:

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All “Teched” Up + No Place to Go? A 3-Part Podcast Series with Korn Ferry

As the world continues to transform digitally following the global pandemic, the half-life of digital skills, staff shortages and access to top talent are slowing companies down in their ability to adapt and evolve competitively to technological advances. Failing to digitize your infrastructure presents challenges on both a global and local level.

That’s why the need for continual digital transformation is driven by and impacting the talent marketplace more than ever. In this 3-part podcast series, Elliot Clark sits down with Korn Ferry‘s Curtis Britt and Bridget Gray to discuss digital transformation and why it’s important to invest in your IT infrastructure.

Listen now to All “Teched” Up + No Place to Go? Investments in IT infrastructure Require the Right People to Succeed!

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