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Video Interviews Here to Stay

But the practice is still a challenge—here’s some help.

By Madeline Laurano 
Video continues to disrupt the talent acquisition market. In fact, Aberdeen’s talent acquisition research indicates that 54 percent of organizations that are adopting video have a continuous or long-term talent acquisition strategy in place, compared to 18 percent of organizations not leveraging video. With a new crop of vendors entering the market that offer video interviewing and video branding solutions, the format is clearly here to stay.
Despite the growing acceptance for video, why are organizations still finding it difficult to gain support? Why is it so challenging for HR to translate the value of video to the business? Organizations struggle not only with building a business case but also with selecting the “right” provider. In a crowded market, who are some of the providers to consider? What providers are gaining market share and demonstrating product leadership?
Organizations need to consider the following when building a business case for video:
• Define metrics. When making a case for video, organizations need
to think in terms of business rather than HR metrics. Aberdeen’s 2012 talent acquisition research asked organizations leveraging video to cite the most valuable business metrics. These organizations ranked customer satisfaction (4.32), company revenue (4.16), and improved organizational profitability (4.07) as the top metrics (1 being the least valuable and 4 being the most valuable).
• Consider target audience. The majority of video solutions in the
market are flexible enough to handle various job roles. Organizations that gain support for investments successfully identify their target employee groups and the type of video (synchronous or asynchronous) that they need to leverage for each group.
• Improve organizational performance. Eighty-one percent of
organizations using video were able to achieve organizational key performance indicators in the past year. Additionally, organizations were two or three times more likely to improve recruiting metrics (time to fill, cost per hire, hiring manager satisfaction) and business metrics (customer retention and customer satisfaction) after implementing video. Fifty-two percent of organizations improved the length of search, and 47 percent improved cost per hire, compared to 17 percent of organizations not using video. Clearly, it makes an impact, and organizations that implement this type of interviewing achieve ROI.
Who are some of the most innovative providers?
• Async Interview. Founded in 2010, Async offers video screening and
interviewing to clients such as Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Sage, and Waste Management. Differentiators include user experience and strong analytics capabilities.
• Green JobInterview. Best known for strong customer support, strong
partnerships and a mobile app, Green JobInterview provides live video interviews to clients such as Aramark, Pepsico, and Mayo Clinic.
• HireVue. HireVue offers advanced capabilities, including assessment-
based interviews, strategic partnerships, and the recent mobile solution to clients such as Walmart and Rio Tinto. The HireVue App brings the concept of video interviewing and branding to consumer devices—allowing individuals to leverage HireVue video solutions on their iPad or iPhone.
• Montage. In addition to video interviewing solutions, Montage
offers organizations video branding tools to enhance sourcing and employer branding strategies for organizations including Samsung and Fannie Mae. Key differentiators include communication capabilities, flexibility, and branding capabilities.
Video is transforming traditional talent acquisition processes by reducing costs and improving the candidate experience. Yet, organizations still struggle to gain support for investment in video interviewing. As solution providers continue to come to market with new products, organizations need to understand how these solutions are creating both efficiencies and a positive user experience for recruiters, hiring managers, and recruiters.
Madeline Laurano is Aberdeen Group’s research director for talent acquisition solutions. She can be reached at

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