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Talent Tech Driving Transformation

How organizations can leverage the latest tools to positively impact the hiring process.

By Debbie Bolla

Today’s talent technology is a key enabler driving transformative change in the way organizations attract, manage, and retain candidates. The rise of the gig workforce, access to information, and a move toward a consumer-driven environment are all factors increasing global workers’ expectations of potential employers. And enterprises are turning to technology to up their game.

“Technology is certainly a catalyst in how organizations recruit potential hires and provide them with a positive candidate experience,” explains Andrew Brown, global head of RPO, partners and alliances for Lumesse. “It needs to be an open architecture. Candidates and organizations alike want a one-stop shop with technology delivering all types of hiring under one roof.”

Brown says there are three key stakeholders that are benefiting from talent tools that provide a simple, seamless experience:

  • Recruiters. Top of mind for recruiters is access to the best candidates. “Technology should be able to assist recruiters in identifying the right skills through automation,” says Brown. “In the past, recruiters have been resistant to trust technology but automation is a big part in changing that.” Artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing a large role in helping recruiters through automation. Brown says that tools should enable every process, from application to screening to onboarding. It also provides the ability to look across multiple sources for candidates. This eliminates the need for traditional manual search, and helps simplify and streamline the process. This will free up recruiters so they can bring a personal touch in the management of candidates.
  • Hiring managers. In today’s diverse global workforce, hiring managers no longer focus on the type of worker category -they just want the best candidate for the job, says Brown. A platform that can be easily accessed on a mobile device is critical, as well as a system that can manage all types of employee classifications. “When all workers can be handled on the same platform, it really simplifies and speeds the experience, a real differentiator for hiring managers,” says Brown.
  • Candidates. For candidates, it’s all about a positive experience. Brown says platforms should enable applicants to identify roles and easily apply on mobile devices. “Technology should be able to leverage an online profile to ensure that the candidate experience is one that makes it as easy as possible to apply,” he explains.

When managing all types of talent through technology, maintaining compliance is also improved. “When looking at the permanent landscape, contractors, and freelancers, technology needs to step in where data is purged and ensure compliance with local legislation, European legislation, and in-country legislation,” Brown advises. “Different countries within the European Union often have different laws on candidate data.” Today’s tools can help relieve the pressure of maintaining compliance across all criteria.

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