Key metrics to transform healthcare hiring practices.

By Debbie Bolla

Now is the time for healthcare organizations to shift their hiring mindsets from reactive to proactive, says Liz Bickley, senior vice president of healthcare client services for Cielo, the leading provider of recruitment process outsourcing solutions to the healthcare industry. Data is key to transforming this process. From census information to historic seasonal trends, data can help organizations pinpoint where peaks and demands exist in different geographies.

“Data can help organizations anticipate what they will need for the communities they serve,” Bickley says. “There is going to be a dramatic shift in the makeup of population in the next five years, and organizations need to think about the care that will be needed and develop workforce strategies around that.”

In addition, Staci Roberts, senior vice president of Cielo, says healthcare systems will evolve to suit a more consumer-driven environment. Some metrics that will help with these changes include:

  • Hiring manager experience
  • Candidate experience
  • Time to fill
  • Vacancy rates
  • Cost per vacancy
  • Turnover rate
  • Agency spend
  • Quality of hire
  • Retention rates

Candidate experience is a key metric since most applicants are also consumers. Roberts advises to deliver a mobile-enabled experience that is engaging, quick, and easily navigated. This will increase candidate engagement early in the process and get them excited about your organization.

Communicating values and a solid brand message to potential employees also makes a difference in this consumer-driven environment.

“It’s critical to deliver a message which includes what is unique about your organization, what drives people to work there, and why your long-term employees stay,” she says.

Roberts suggests that organizations build an authentic, compelling message by expressing their values -many individuals in healthcare are mission-driven and we serve patients and their families when they are most vulnerable.

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