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2018 TekTonic Award Winners

Meet five game-changers that are staying ahead of the HR technology curve.

By Taylor Thompson

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation, HR has faced a year of adaptation and innovation in their business practices in order to keep up with a rapidly changing field. Technology has not only become an integral part of everyday HR processes, but an expectation, especially in regards to organizations’ recruitment efforts. But what makes a company stand out among others in an ever-changing industry, especially considering all the newfound technology blazing the trail? Innovation. Disruption. And a solution that works to make life just a little easier for HR. These are just a few of the ways this year’s TekTonic Awards winners have continued to advance their efforts and drive the industry forward, and the reason they were recognized at this year’s HRO Today Forum in May. The 2018 TekTonic Awards winners have been recognized for their innovative contributions in workforce management, background screening, talent management, candidate experience, mobile capabilities, and learning.

iWorkGlobalCATEGORY: Workforce Management
PROVIDER: iWorkGlobal
THE WHY BEHIND THE WIN: WorkGlobal’s MyVista is a cloud-based workforce management platform dedicated to connecting companies with the knowledge they need to directly manage their global workforce. Not only does MyVista put workforce data right at employers’ fingertips, but it pulls in important information from employees worldwide -a valuable feature for organizations with a notable international presence. But what exactly makes their technology stand out among others in the industry? The MyVista platform has the technology to consolidate engagement overviews and details, invoicing and payment numbers, and country-specified employment information into one intuitive interface. With 24/7 access to their company-specified global workforce data, organizations are provided with hands-on control over every aspect of their workforce.

Employment Screening ResourcesCATEGORY: Screening
PROVIDER: Employment Screening Resources
SOLUTION: Assured Compliance
THE WHY BEHIND THE WIN: Employment Screening Resources’ Assured Compliance aids organizations by providing real-time compliance. With the number of lawsuits related to background checks continuing to rise, Assured Compliance helps reduce the risk of lawsuits and solves compliance issues simultaneously. The tool ensures that applicants are automatically provided with only the federal and state-specified consent and disclosure forms that directly pertain to them, which eliminates confusion. Assured Compliance’s online applicant portal provides transparency for applicants and organizations like; applicants can track every step in the process and organizations have access to consolidated data to later use for audits. But perhaps their most distinctive feature lies in their automatic updating of disclosures, notices, and other required forms when federal and state laws change.

Allegis Global SolutionsCATEGORY: Talent Management/Recruiting
PROVIDER: Allegis Global Solutions
THE WHY BEHIND THE WIN: Allegis Global Solutions’ INTELLECT “simplifies and streamlines the many complexities associated with recruiting technology.” By combining innovative recruiting tools and hiring technologies in a single space, INTELLECT delivers a holistic solution that includes omni-channel sourcing, selection, recruitment advertising, and candidate onboarding. Users of INTELLECT are provided with step-by-step recruitment technologies specified to their own organization’s path of growth. The technology also helps companies increase productivity with customizable automated talent pipelines and an AI-enabled customer relationship management tool. AGS’s platform also provides employers with a vast list of services including a recruitment marketing platform, automated sourcing, resume screening, and an AI recruiting assistant that all integrate cutting-edge technology in the realm of talent acquisition.

PeopleScoutCATEGORY: Candidate Experience
PROVIDER: PeopleScout
THE WHY BEHIND THE WIN: In recent years, candidate experience has become an integral priority in the hiring process and today’s technology is quickly adapting to this change. PeopleScout has designed their Affinix platform with capabilities that measure up to the rapidly-changing speed of talent acquisition today. As a mobile-first, cloud-based platform dedicated to streamlining the sourcing process, Affinix combines AI, recruitment marketing, machine learning, and people skills -all essential for success in talent sourcing and engagement. Combined with these top technologies, Affinix has the capabilities to quickly identify and screen candidates while also simplifying the process for both employers and talent alike. Additionally, the personalization provided by Affinix, which makes the line between users and potential candidates even more direct, helps employers narrow in on one of the most personalized part of hiring today: the candidate experience.

MotusCATEGORY: Mobile
THE WHY BEHIND THE WIN: As technology continues to evolve, so does the demand for organizations to make their business processes compatible with a mobile device. For Motus, their mobile platform fulfills that demand by providing an IRS-approved travel reimbursement tracker. Their cloud-based techology has 86 percent of customers saying that Motus uncovered significant cost savings for their business, due in part to their focus on expense reduction for mileage and auto allowance. But the success behind Motus’ platform lies not only in the consolidation of travel numbers and statistics for employees, but in the mobile accessibility of that information.

SkillSoftCATEGORY: Learning
SOLUTION: Percipio
THE WHY BEHIND THE WIN: Skillsoft’s intelligent learning platform Percipio provides organizations with access to exclusive content and information housed by many sources for an immersive learning experience. Available via browser plug-in, Percipio increases learner engagement, satisfies multiple learning modalities, accelerates training while increasing utilization, drives content delivery, and closes critical skills gaps. As continuous updates are applied, this platform also provides users with learning specifically tailored to their input. Percipio also launched a new mobile app, allowing employees to learn on the go and organizations to better monitor when training takes place.

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