Capgemini attracted a broader audience to its annual Innovation Awareness Week event by providing space for diverse perspectives and linking all discussions to the company’s overall mission.

By Maggie Mancini

Capgemini’s “Innovation Awareness Week” is a series of webinars designed to create spark and empower its people to thrive in today’s ever-changing market. This year it was supported by high-ranking professionals within the company’s business services, with 56% of participants just starting out in their non-technical roles, 40% working in mid-management roles, and 4% working as senior executives.  

The event has contributed to Capgemini’s learning organisation mindset by preparing its employees for the future and investing in a shared culture of learning among employees. It was designed to ensure learning is a part of daily routines across the entire organisation.  

The event featured speakers with different perspectives on innovation, including female leaders and young professionals. Capgemini’s approach to innovation was discussed by all, and each session explored the challenges being presented by rapidly emerging technologies, including substantial costs associated with implementing new technology and emphasising the need for careful consideration of technology adoption.  

These efforts led to Capgemini attracting a broader audience, communicating its innovation, and strengthening the perception of female leaders and young professionals across the organisation.  

Capgemini won the HRO Today Association’s EMEA Award for Best in Class: Innovation (non-technical) Provider.  

Tags: Company Spotlight

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