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Streamlining HR

NielsenIQ leaders developed a one-stop destination in order for global employees to access localised information.

By Maggie Mancini

In April 2022, a small group of NielsenIQ leaders from around the world gathered in Dubai to redefine the company’s HR operating model in alignment with its CHRO’s goals. The company established built an in-house, user-friendly platform as a one-stop destination for employees to access localised HR information. The 15-month transformation started after the company defined four strategic pillars for HR: enabling business priorities, simplifying and standardising HR operations, creating a differentiated employee experience, and achieving functional excellence.  

The transformation delivered meaningful results, standardising HR processes globally. The company provides individual transition plans for every employee in a mixed role. The company created 89 country-specific websites with resources for employees to access. That platform recorded a substantial number of visits and user interactions in the first month, with a user satisfaction score of 98%.  

While the transformation was welcomed by leaders and employees alike, it was not without its challenges. The company’s initial vision for the project was to transition from the previous structure, where HR teams were responsible for a wide range of tasks, to a modern model with specialised teams. This change carried significant risks if not executed correctly, including inadequate staffing, lack of role clarity, failure to simplify roles, and potential for siloed behaviors. 

To help prevent these issues from occurring, NielsenIQ took the following measures: 

  • made strategic team appointments; 
  • leveraged associate mapping and individualised communication; 
  • embraced core principles of collaboration; and 
  • focused on employee needs.  

By implementing these strategies, NielsenIQ aimed to not only sustain its momentum but also drive continuous improvement in its HR function. NielsenIQ won the HRO Today Association’s APAC Award for Best in Class: Innovation (non-technical) and the EMEA Award for Best in Class: Innovation (non-technical) Practitioner.  

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