From building the foundation for talent acquisition practices to launching a new performance management system, Manoj Kumar Chaudhary’s has transformed HR at Edelweiss Financial Services.

By Marta Chmielowicz

In only six years, Manoj Kumar Chaudhary has progressed from a campus hire to the head of HR for public markets at Edelweiss Financial Services. He has overseen the organisation’s tremendous growth from ₹100 crore of assets under management (AUM) to around ₹40,000 crore of AUM.

Chaudhary spearheaded various projects to strengthen HR processes and prepare the company for growth. One key initiative was introducing a competency-based framework to talent acquisition, including implementing a psychometric tool to assess skills and training hiring managers on behavioral interviewing techniques. The talent acquisition team has implemented a new tool to measure quality of hire and the effectiveness of the hiring process.

He also designed and conducted a talent review process for senior leadership talent, designing a year-long development programme for high performers. This programme aligns with the company’s campus hiring strategy to strengthen its pipeline of future talent.

To ensure employees perform well once they are hired, Chaudhary introduced a performance management system that defined key performance indicators by role and built processes to publish performance dashboards on a regular basis. A mid-year review platform is also used to encourage conversations and feedback between managers and employees.

Employee engagement was another key priority, with Chaudhary evaluating company performance on its employee engagement surveys to identify levers of engagement and develop effective interventions. Out of this analysis, the organisation embraced various rewards and recognition, focused group discussions, and values-based “Fun@work” activities.

Through the challenges of the last year, Edelweiss has taken several initiatives to create a healthy, happy, and engaging work environment for its team, including adopting better communication; fitness, fun, and family opportunities, and more learning and development.

As a result of these varied initiatives, Chaudhary has earned the honor of this year’s HRO Today Association Leadership Award.

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