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How to Increase Success: Improve the Hiring Manager Experience

News flash everyone – with all the buzz surrounding the candidate experience, have we ever stopped to think that if we put just as much effort in the hiring manager ‘experience’ our success could be that much greater? Let’s look at a typical scenario for both the candidate and the hiring manager ‘experience.’

The CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE has you arriving at a beautiful website, via computer, smartphone or tablet full of visual stimulation, information and communication. From the moment you arrive you feel impressed, inspired and engaged as the ‘experience’ makes you want to join, participate and become part of the team!

The HIRING MANAGER EXPERIENCE begins with waiting. Waiting for requisitions to open, waiting for the recruiter, and waiting for resumes. Throughout the process many times there is a feeling of insufficient communication, misalignment and feeling ‘in the dark.’

Maybe it’s time we tried a different perspective. What if we viewed the hiring manager experience as important as the candidate experience? How could the experience be equal to that of the candidate and what could those outcomes provide to overall hiring success?

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